This and That

You are wrecked,

Why don’t you speak? 

Why do you speak so much? 

Why are you not like him? 

Why can’t you be more like her,less like you? 

Why are you so self obssessed? Why are you so underdressed? 

Are you depressed? 

You aren’t trying hard enough,

stop exaggerating, you aren’t sweating  blood,

you are odinary, 

you are like them, will it take eternity for you to understand, 

understand that you are just like everybody or maybe even less, 

what do you think of yourself ?

stop doing what you like,close those novels, put that pen down,stop ruining your life to live the life you read, coz that’s fiction, 

that’s fiction baby. 

Reality is the news, don’t be absurd, 

you are too young for this,

 and too old for that,

people are looking at you! 

you compromise, you sacrifice , because that’s the one and only choice,

watch your calories! 

are you starving? 

When will you realise, grief for average men is a luxury, 

be ‘this’ and ‘that’ and ‘that’ and ‘this’,

no less than that but no more than this. 

Is coffee, books and poetry, your choice of poison? 

you aren’t suppose to be wearing that,

you aren’t suppose to be wasting that pretty face, 

go out and have fun,

don’t make yourself a thing of fun,

  be this and be that, do this and not that.”

 Many  voices inside and outside your head,

telling you to be upset ,sad and depressed,

telling you to be this and be that

 you matter more than you think you do,

your flaws can be beautiful,

perfection and ugliness  both can be dillusional,

so hold on to your imagination, and stop this overanalysis of reality,

its time for you to realise, that staring at ceiling for hours, thinking all night, experiencing your experiences is not a sin. 

Who do you think you are? Well, you are exactly what you think you are. 

There can be different dimensions to reality,

creativity, facts and people are subjective. 

This a reminder to not believe, 

not believe in everything that you think,

everything that you hear 

everything that you see

and everything you are obliged to believe…. 


 You’re Leaving… 

 You are leaving, 

all that stays is random photos we’ve clicked together, 

jokes we’ve cracked about each other,

 your endless philosophy, 

your poetic side in middle of boring conversations, 

and endless political debates and discussions, 

the long walks, and the crazy secrets we shared, 

the books we’ve read together,

the midnight icecream treat, 

those unplanned, last moment trips, 

 the endless number of times we have  looked in each others eyes but hurriedly looked away because we knew this is the easiest way to melt away, 

moments, moments and more moments, 

painful, beautiful, funny, dimensional, awkward, lovely and too many for this mind to carry… 

and that’s all that will stay. 


those ones which you’re destined to forget with defence of busyness and I m cursed to remember, 

I know you’ll comeback next year with those wide checks with long numbers, 

 with a different, unfamiliar ,fragrance.Which  I’ll try and guess, then later I’ll ask  why you change your perfume so often, 

with your not-so-soft index finger you’ll lift my chin slightly up and you’ll distract me again with something really poetic and sweet that you’ll say, 

That unfamiliar scent is actually a fragrance you borrowed from some  bottle of  perfume  or a person unknown to me which is slightly blended with the classic scent of cigarette which in combination smells like a dark, beautiful secret. 

You’ll show me those  gifts you’ve brought and you’ll tell me about your achievments, your followers, your dreams, your goals and more, 

and then you’ll get emotional and talk about how much you have  missed me, how much you wanted me to be there by your side, 

and I will sympathise and we ‘ll go on crazy adventures,read books, drink coffee, have fun, make memories to kill the time and then again you’ll leave, 

and for years to come the cycle will repeat. 

Somethings are better left unsaid maybe that’s why we are supposed to speak our mind out and loud, not our heart, 

because maybe this confusion, this gap, this “its complicated ” status, this untitled relationship, this vulnerable thing we hold,which could fall and break in any coming moment is very beautiful,because its very existence is a lie, or maybe a truth we deny. 

 I m not being emotional, I m just asserting the facts,

the facts that people like you could erotically explain in a sentence or two. 

I am not  sad, because like every year, like a beautiful season you’ll stay for few months and go, 

and I’ll almost fall in love again, 

and once a year for years to come I wish no end to this same story, 

on repeat, 

because waiting, admiring, missing, and almost falling in love is a beautiful thing, 

so now you may leave,

 because story has to proceed, so it can end and repeat… 


Beep,beep!Low battery reads the message on my phone ,

and I m obliged to jump out from the world of  social media and more,

as I lookout through a window ,I realise I had been sitting in a car as my elder brother drives,

Littered roads,chilly winds ,one horn over the other, every car almost about to crush the other,

Honking. Honking and more honking ,

smoke and fog occupied every bit of my site,whole city is coughing,

and my brother on my side,

labelled NRI at age of 18,a kind hearted man, aged 22 now and whom I consider to be the most eligible bachelor ,

blindly I trust his values and character,

I look at him ,the boy who loved to paint ,

not much he spoke as a kid, his  smile faded away smoothly with time,

tears he had  hidden as we were taught boys are not supposed to cry,

dark skinned ,bright hearted,he was not a boy rather a man now,

His dark lips and his eyes told that he had been smoking even more,

growing up aunts labelled him introverts ,which I believe he wasn’t but then he was obliged to,

questions bursting in my head one after the other,

Why is he sad?Is he on drugs?Heart -broken lover? Or a man of betrayal?Bitter from refusal?Why is he the way he is?

I wanted to escape that moment, wanted to just do anything but not think about him,his pain,his introversion, he being a potential drug addict or chainsmoker,his very possible depression and maybe his initial level mental illness,because as child he was very much like me and his eyes tell me he still is.

My pace of breath was risen, sweat dripping from my forehead and my eyes trying hard to hold the tears behind and then in a cracking voice comes out-” Bhaiya,why don’t you smile?”

Not so dramatically, he dealt with this question which I knew hit his heart hard,he  turned  towards me and smiled,

“Smile like the real smile, the way you used to,the way like the ‘real you’ does.”-I couldn’t control the little sister in me,

I knew like most of the adults as they grow they fade away,live by stereotypes, are mostly or very close to definition of hypocrites,get a job ,get married ,have a kid or two or as many as they like ,raise them, blame them,worry about them,love them and claim it every now and then,

and rudely he increased the speed of the car and said -“because that is what life has made me,that is how I m suppose to be”,

No.No you are not suppose to be this so called tough hearted ,man my heart shouted but I didn’t utter a word,

I know he is broken ,I know he is scared to admit,I know a tear is about to roll down his cheeks ,I know he tames and hides his feelings  finely unlike me ,I know he hasn’t changed he is just being who he is supposed to be.

And as he drops me home as he wants to catch his flight back to his new so called home, 

I remember five years back when he left home to pursue his life,love,goals and more he had kissed my forehead and he had cried a lot,without any shame and hugged me really tight that time,and now I watch him walkaway with just a plain goodbye,

 and as he walked away I felt like I have never known or seen this man before, right in front of me in black coat ,hiding his burnt heart,smoking another cigarette , slowly merged and lost in crowd,the boy who was once known for standing out ….

When you are Sad… 

You are just locked and your mind is blocked,

you want to get up but it seems too early and then its too late,

sad days are here, and now your problems are just more bigger than choosing what to wear,

watch yourself, the monster in your head, telling you to stay late in the bed,

that you aren’t good enough, that world is a cruel place,

shut him up not the world,

and don’t act like you don’t care because you know you do,

stay here don’t escape, its the time you gotta feel the pain,

and see that pain is  disguised as a beautiful message and an amazing lesson, 

an opportunity to learn and grow,

and maybe develop something you never considered – your value and  character,

you never realised that you have to have a time for everything, coz you can’t get much done if you say you don’t feel like it,

and everyday is not the same, you are going through challenges, dissappointments  again and again,

but have you never had beautiful days before?

They are gone, but if you want they’ll come back again,

you are going to get burried and burned one day,I know you aren’t happy to hear that, so little time you have got so live all that you have missed,

strangers don’t love you, your friends don’t appreciate you? Criticism eveywhere?

Look nowhere but in your home and you’ll find the deepest of love,

the kind of love that orphans dream of,

things and people you should appreciate are the ones whom you wake up with,

and I m assuming they don’t change everyday! 

They are the same people who are ignored and forgotten and there’s a “later” always ready to show them the love they deserve,

and if you think that they don’t  love you back, do you think you do?

coz love my friend, is always one sided, one hand give and one hand take its no business here, 

and maybe you need to declutter your head and your house, 

clean the grudges and forgive  yourself and others,

and as they say when times get tough, it is god who is taking your test,

but my dear you don’t realize that this test and difficult condition of yours is a dream for somebody, a privilege for somebody,

you feel loved the most not when someone says I love you, but when you show love. 

If you are sad you haven’t experienced the goodness in giving,

a not so lavish luxury it is but it will keep you happy longer than the three hour movie,

because for no reason at all when you are kind someday, randomly to random strangers who can never pay you back,

then the sparkle of goodness you leave wherever you go, will somehow light up your own world,

this does not mean that you’ll never get irritated, frustrated or sad, but the times this happens surely will get less,

and for the times that this sadness knocks your door, and you are unable to tell it “come on goback home”, rememeber how good you have been everyday to everyone, not the richest man but you are the kindest person you know,

when you spread happiness you don’t have, you gain the happiness you don’t have,

we rise by lifting others, but maybe this is the last door you would knock when sadness is in, trust me my friend, this is the key…. 


Why do you still look into my eyes, why we still touch each other while crossing the ways , knowingly but as strangers,

though now loyalty and love have no existence here,

there’s a space between sky and the ground, there’s a space like that when you look into me, trust me now that’s all I see, 

a hope lives somewhere inbetween, 

there’s just this emptiness I live within,

what’s the end to something I had done with all my heart,

roughness, that’s how the air feels to me,openess and socializing suffocates me, 

why do we still exchange looks, why is their this newly awakened desire here? 

betrayal is an amusing gift,

but this remuneration of love for once is enough for me, 

there are many different roads to many different destinations   from here,

 here just for a moment we stand together,

let’s not move together,  I rather get lost alone,

I can see you are sunk after the cermony of treachery in the deepest sea of regret,

desperate attraction and unfulfilled desires, what is that decieves the face of love?

I have lost in the game, but look what an amazing bequest I have won,

speechless and breathless to describe my thoughts, the way they are breaking me down,

let silence speak for me, when I m gone, let my words written randomly sing to you the song of my heart,

maybe because we will still hope to see each other, everyday,  coz now its a necessity of head and heart not a pleasure ,

when we will cross each other’s way , I ‘ll once again look into the space in between and think how far yet so wishful we are…


Not every girl’s story

By the rules to leave house after 10pm was forbidden, 

the dark night, a time  of sin offerings it was,

knowingly how unknown she was,

the fear conquered her mind, but her heart was still in the fight as she walked through the street one night, 

shadows of men seemed same as the image of devil,

even the decent people looked like the statue of rebel,

newspaper headlines flashing through her head,

mom’s advice screaming in her head,

she feared to be one of those girls who were killed before the death,

and disgraced the nation’s impression with clothes that spoke of their wrong intentions,

in crime where the society declares victim as guilty,

stepping out of the door after 10 could be the biggest mistake she had ever made,

never had she regreted being who she was so bad,

but thank god she finally reached home, 

and many girls out of the doors ,don’t successfully reach back home, 

fearful of being tagged as sluts and whores,

everytime why is the girl who is to be blamed? 

If the man is  rich, famous or followed, her screams will remain unheard, 

covered in burkha or attired in a dress,

what should she wear to protect herself?

Blame the family, the society, the internet, the heaven, hell and all the gods but is she the one who deserves so much of guilt and shame? 

Culture, religion, good, bad all get burnt when your respect is killed and burried in your memory,

News channels debating on her character,

games of revenge, the new topic of discussion, 

still protected the devil will be, coz that’s what happens when you leave your house after 10,11,12,2,6 or whatever pm or am,

coz girls are only protected in the locked rooms and doors, within cemented four walls, 

to be decorated and showcased like barbie dolls,

and one day they get auctioned to the richest man the sellers could find,

this might not be the story of every girl, 

but somewhere someone is living a life you read,

coz we live in a world where you get shot by a terrorist for asking the right to education,

 Not me! Not you! Who’s thoughts have I penned?  

Too far for his ego, too forward in name of liberty have I went?

There’s no grey in this sin ,its either black or white,

 no “maybe”  here, its either wrong or right…

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      Are you forgetting someone? 

      Are we ready for what sets in? Pain! Deepest of yours carved in the heart! Not my first post on pain but can you imagine what we carry as pain and sadness is mostly the result of something damn good not happening in our long lasting lives, we have all been there. You don’t really know what this feeling is its just sudden incompleteness blended with hopelessness mixed with anxiety and its just not a good thing to experience.

      You know what the thing is, even if everyone agrees you don’t need a reason to be happy ,our brains are conditioned from birth that happiness is a result of gaining or getting what you want, its a destination. Go ahead deny that and I m with you, but philosophy cannot be the reality always.There’s a phase sometimes when nothing bad has actually happened but neither has something good happened, its all in vain type of feeling.

      You might have often heard you need to feed your brain, when everything is going well at that time its  important to do something intentionally that makes you happy, understand not pleasure but happiness or contentment. Pleasure is just a moment or two kind of feeling like the one you get after drinking coffee or eating chocolate. Though that can act as triggers and make you feel better throughout the day, but won’t help you heal the helplessness.

      What happens with me when I get into a state like this is, I actually feel a very hopeless and helpless and merrygo rounds of thoughts continue, but later I realised that from when I have started doing a few things that don’t require much effort, they help me cope up with this sadness or incompleteness, not only with this but it can be a way out of bad day!

      I think we all should have such few things! Like journaling, going for a walk, coffee with your life’s hero, prayer time,music, just going out, movie marathon and one thing that always works is completing something that I have started like writing a draft blog, assignment completion or maybe finishing the book or anything like that which gives you satisfaction of doing something productive .Most importantly sit down and listen to myself. Cry it out or write it out or anything.  In short,  shut all the things and give yourself some attention and importance. 

      We all know that we should stay happy and you cannot deny the fact we like to make others happy or please others or say it otherwise we don’t like the fact that others aren’t pleased by us. Before this motive that you’ll make others happy, I think we should concentrate on ourseleves.Some people say “nobody loves me” or “I don’t have love in my life”, but I d read somewhere you don’t need to get love or you don’t need someone who loves you all the time,  you need to be love. Make yourself feel good and everthing on this earth will be good, not just when days are bad but also when days are going good.

      In this hustle of day and night  we often forget that we have a child inside us who needs attention, who wants to cry when it hurts, who wants stop because he is tired, who wants to play, dance and sing,who doesn’t wants to care about what anyone thinks,  who wants to feel loved by someone, who craves for a pampering experience, who cannot hide his feelings for too long,   who wants to be free and happy. Maybe today you should listen to him and give attention to what he wants because what he wants is the most important thing in your life. Give him some time, this post was just to remind you that let him not die, because maybe you don’t realize that he still exists…. 
      Today fall in love…. ❤……….with yourself


      Feelings & Frankness

      Where do you find yourself in this busy world? Sometimes what we want is not what we get. On an average in today’s world its cool to be bad you know. Maybe the “bad” tag makes you stronger from inside, because its cool. But there is so much burried inside a person and what a person speaks is just a fraction of it, sometimes we really want to apologise or maybe even say I love you, but we hold it to our trueselves, our feelings. We are insecure, don’t know what for. When you are honest, life gets simpler, not to forget that there’s a fine line between honest and rude, though both can occur simultaneously.

      Should we let go our feelings or hold it inside?  What works for you? Maybe not everyone can suddenly be the bravest and the most motivated person ever and go and face the world with “damn! I m honest” attitude, its not as easy as “damn! I m hot as hell” attitude.

      What I think is we should let go our feelings and express them in the best possible way in that situation. Or else what happens is the endless cycle of thoughts, and thoughts and more thoughts, guilts and grugdes and hate and then guilt again and self hate and so on. Its hard at first but you know what for a fact I find honest people really attractive, if you can say it on face I think you will have less relationship issues, communication is solution to thousands of problems.And ” #no filter life” will surely give you a happier version of yourself.  On the note that I m talking about relationships and people, please don’t take them for granted, you’ll regret it. Life would be so simpler if people spoke what they meant, its even cooler than sarcasm sometimes.

      Its easy to judge others or maybe effortless, but its just very frustrating to keep record of what you are upto, letting out is hard at first  but please try it once, life just gets easier when it gets simpler. Its all so mismatched right? You know they say we should have a hobby or a thing of that sort that allows us to release our feelings… Tired? So am I but maybe for all screw ups and all mistakes sometimes you need to give yourself and all the others around you a second or third or maybe Nth chance, coz we all are not on same level of screw ups and madness in our lives. Yes talking is the solution! Maybe a step to set ourseleves and others free. Afterall, best people in life are free. 

      Lets start it here! So give a really honest feedback about this post or about my blog or whatever you feel, being honest and you can be critical you know I like criticism and I would love to know your thoughts on this post! Ambition on fleek! See you and hope you are having a great day and just because you are reading this breath in, breath out, leggo and smile:) ! Damn now that’s beautiful❤! 

      After Love… 

      Look what you did to me,

      I have started loving me,

      late nights and early mornings just to escape those dream of yours,

       hard work is my new love,

      after the love wars, fighting with the world seems so easy,

      the argument between heart and the brain keeps me busy, 

      hustling way through life in the deep dark midnight,

      I wake up and dress up with that stubborn heart ready for the war,

      the wrong road you left me on is the way to my marvellous  destiny,

      my life is a dream after all those cuts and midnight screams,

      unleashed I m, I bloom like rose ,though thorns are covered, still they make a part of me that you can’t see,

      magic of love after the betrayal, I have never been so happy ever,

      a gift you gave in a face of mistake,

      the sun is shining brighter, my heart feels lighter,

      this is the story of my life,

      after love,

      cuts and scars, self hate game and whole world to blame,

      and games that you have played and look here I finally played my ace, 

      a new me is released, which was imprisoned in love,

       come watch someday I invite you to my life,

      though rememeber  you’ll be here to watch coz that’s your worth infront of my heart, 

      no there’s no one like you and you can be proud,  you were just beautiful lie ,

      which leaves me stronger and healed,

      everyday is a game,

      thrill, fun and excitement no space here for pain,

       from victim to game changer,

      look how I survive through the danger,

      This is me after love,

      when the hurts get healed,

      I feel  strong and relieved,I have blown my mind 

      You taught me to fight

       thanks for this life,

      and you are the only reason behind this story, I could find…. 

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