Music makes life better …

Music has become so important for me, i recently  realised this fact. When i m inbad mood i need  three important things: coffee, chocolate  and music. Music  is such a good pain healer. It has helped me through painful times. It’s offeredme inspiration  when i needed it. It made me more alive. Isuggest that to live andwork at your best we need to do be overflowing  with passion , happiness and a rentless desire to win…

Music makes the momentbetter so i m going to share my top fav songs of all time. Here’s the list…

  1. Closer: chainsmokers
  2. Shower: becky g
  3. Finally  found u: Enrique  iglesias
  4. Let me love u: justin bieber
  5. Cold water: justinbiber
  6. Selfie: chainsmokers
  7. Slow down: selena Gomez
  8. Birthday: Selena Gomez
  9. Who says: Selena Gomez
  10. Love me like u do: fifty shades of grey

These are my fav songs and for me the lyrics of the song are equally  important  as the rythm…

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Little things…..

Never stop doing little things for others. These are the things that matter.A hug when your friend is crying, giving a chocolate to a boy who is crying, offering a seat to a handicapped  in bus, helping a old woman cross roads, treating your dad with a tea made by you ,kissing your mom when you are leaving for work, paying for someone who forgot his wallet there are so many  little  things that you can do and that will make you a better person and others will see you as an inspiration. Its only human nature to want to help those who have helped us. You will never ever know how small things you do give a lot of happiness to others like on a post or a comment on a post you felt was well written  can set a person’s day great.

When you start doing little things for others you will also become a nicer person from heart. It may not give you any benefit now but trust me there is a thing called karma.

I would be happy if you take a little inspiration  from this and start doing little things for others whenever you can. There are so many ways to help somone if you want to. So today set somone’s day great, help somone, appreciate someone.  





Hope you guys are doing good. So before anything  else (and before i get distracted) let me tell you that recently  I got a really strong inspiration  and idea from within  me to make myself better and then i just read something about trying new things  can really help you and make you a better person. So, just give your memory  a check and tell me when did you recently  do something  for the first time?  Let me make it simple for you  when was the first time you did something  new or tried something,  new read a new book, learned a new skill, travelled to a new place? So I invite you to take up this 30 day challenge with  me and tell me in comments what actually  changed in your life .So you just simply need to do something new or try something for the first time (and if you think you are strong  do and show something really daring)  . And remember  it should be related to make yourself a better person.  Well each one of us has a daring voice within us which tells us to try something new and do something  daring.

So you could take up any new thing or do anything  or it would be great idea to do something you always wanted to. So giveyourself some energy and take up this challenge.

Don’t  forget to comment me how did your day1 of challenge go. I also will be regularly  updating you with how my challenges are going. You could also write a blog and share a link about it in comments. I would  love  to  read your blog about this challenge and i surely will like and comment. 

So guys take up this challenge  and get started . Afterall you are taking this challenge for first time. Also if you wanna kick to start just google  ‘what are the benefits of trying something new’.  Don’t  forget to share your experience  during this challenge and the troubles you faced and how it helped you to be  a better person. Comment or write a blog and send me link.If you want me to blog about something  just comment… 






A girl before her BIRTHDAy

Yo guys I am in so good mood today actually  guess what happened….. (You thinking nothing:))))) Yipee…. Ok starting off woow its my birthday  7days from now  ohh myy godd!!! I dont know maybe you  maynot be as excited for the birthday as I am so. Don’t be a granny dear come on get excited on everything you have got.So yes my birthday is just arriving. What do you think could be great online shopping or hunting the city mall?  Uhh….

Which chocolate should  i give to my classmates?

What will my BFFs gift me? 

Are my parents planning somethimg special? 

How much should i keep my shopping budget? 

Should i throw  a party in  or treat my friends?

Getting over i still have a lot of questions but can you imagine  i am happy even though i am loosing  a year from my life…If you aren’t  understanding why  i am  so excited  probably  you arent a teen..  Something good happens to those who do good things… Life is exciting when you are excited… You are as awesome  as you think you are…(i just changed into a motivational blogger,, .. Aren’t  you enjoying  it??)

Coming back on topic i am really  tensed, excited, happy, confused and all my feelings are overflowing.. (Thats what teen years are about)

Please comment….  if you can answer any of my questions that are given above help  me… And comment  if you thought  this blog  was  intresting….. Hey comment  yaar whatever you are thinking I just wanna know how you feel.. Yes you are special…. 

Yes you




Life of a no more average teen girl

So, its really hard to find from where should I start .Well I know,  like me you might also have some crazy things happening in your life and somedays I know you feel your life sucks . Trying hard in everything you do (sports, studies, tution, friends, shopping, homework and dealing with all the drama happening in the crazy life) yeah thats how a life of a average teen girl would look like. Before anything ,let me tell you one thing I have gone through all the girly drama you could ever imagine from the books and friends, the regular parents and me drama and then what people think idea and not forgetting  do I look ok today?And with a healthy confidence I can tell you I am a wise teen girl. Ya there was a time  I considered  myself as average as most of the girls in my school. But after a lot of self motivation  sessions and a book called greatness guide and also some really amazing, energising ,inspirational quotes from my dearest a google(honestly I am a big google fan) .A big change actually occured when I started reallizing that average is just a word because everyone is so unique in their own way . So all the girls reading this please understand that no one is better than you,  you can do anything you can imagine(not something that is fictional) and remember you were born awesome so please dont die average. I won’t  say that all the things I did just made the drama less in my life but it actually  gave me a superforce to handle all of them and i seriously  know all things are as good or as bad as you take them. Life has much greater challenges but let anythinh happen a best advice to a girl  is (according  to me) please don’t  trust  anyone  except  your mom and dad(I may sound like your granny but hey one day you will thank me for this). Yeah no one except your parents if you have grandparents  lucky you, you may also trust your BFF or your siblings or cousins but at your own risk. I am not telling that i tell my every single secret to my parents but in case you fall into big trouble or you sense a big problem coming towards  you please inform your parents first. Don’t  trust me onthis advice  then please understand 80%of people don’t  care about your problems and other  20% are glad you have them. 

So conclusion is and my total giveaway advice for you is that you are the best and please success  is not a popularity contest so continue  your hard work and remember no matter  they say hey girl you rock!!!!!

Read  it all? Great!  comment whatever is going through your mind after reading this…. 

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