Little things…..

Never stop doing little things for others. These are the things that matter.A hug when your friend is crying, giving a chocolate to a boy who is crying, offering a seat to a handicapped  in bus, helping a old woman cross roads, treating your dad with a tea made by you ,kissing your mom when you are leaving for work, paying for someone who forgot his wallet there are so many  little  things that you can do and that will make you a better person and others will see you as an inspiration. Its only human nature to want to help those who have helped us. You will never ever know how small things you do give a lot of happiness to others like on a post or a comment on a post you felt was well written  can set a person’s day great.

When you start doing little things for others you will also become a nicer person from heart. It may not give you any benefit now but trust me there is a thing called karma.

I would be happy if you take a little inspiration  from this and start doing little things for others whenever you can. There are so many ways to help somone if you want to. So today set somone’s day great, help somone, appreciate someone.  





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