Music makes life better …

Music has become so important for me, i recently  realised this fact. When i m inbad mood i need  three important things: coffee, chocolate  and music. Music  is such a good pain healer. It has helped me through painful times. It’s offeredme inspiration  when i needed it. It made me more alive. Isuggest that to live andwork at your best we need to do be overflowing  with passion , happiness and a rentless desire to win…

Music makes the momentbetter so i m going to share my top fav songs of all time. Here’s the list…

  1. Closer: chainsmokers
  2. Shower: becky g
  3. Finally  found u: Enrique  iglesias
  4. Let me love u: justin bieber
  5. Cold water: justinbiber
  6. Selfie: chainsmokers
  7. Slow down: selena Gomez
  8. Birthday: Selena Gomez
  9. Who says: Selena Gomez
  10. Love me like u do: fifty shades of grey

These are my fav songs and for me the lyrics of the song are equally  important  as the rythm…

If music makes you alive and you can relate  this blog then give it a like!





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