Last 2016 note!!!! Are you ready for new start? 

Few hours for this year to end hope you have done all the flush off of the old dust, grudges and bad memories… If no just do it now, better late then never!!!

All of us are expecting something from upcoming year… Maybe a lot of things but you know what I have realised is that don’t expect anything from anyone nor anything from your life.. It’s waste! Have expectations but with nobody but yourself. This way you might get less disappointments…And everyone here who is trying to do things and get happy in this upcoming year let me tell you that was my last years resolution  to do something and be happy. Such a stupid resolution was it. You know what I have realised is that first you need to be happy and then do things. Happiness is no reward its what comes from inside. You don’t need to go somewhere, meet someone,or do something to be happy .

So do you  have any resolutions this new year? If no please make resolutions and write it down. You know that when you write something it stays in your mind for longer time. That’s why we make schedule and to -do -lists …Commit something and write it down, plan to achieve something and go step by step. It’s the easiest way. Okay not the easiest but the simplest because nothing worth having comes easy.You need to make resolutions because you have a year ahead a fresh start, a fresh plan and a better you!!!! 

I have many resolutions but then I just thought of arranging them according to my priorities!It’s something you should do if you have more than 2 resolutions… Yes! You know these little steps might look small but they fix things in a great way for us. It becomes simpler  but not easier !

So many things happened this year which shouldn’t have happened but who can control fate?.. Very wrong thinking!!!!!!  We have the power to control somethings we must not leave all the things on an imaginary thing and carelessly living life because it’s all on fate.. This is the biggest lie. You can always change what you don’t want or don’t like. Not forgetting you can always change nobody but yourself. 

You have no idea how blessed you are for having 1 more year. Hope that we use it wisely and be a better human being. Wish you a very good luck and hope you have a great time in upcoming year. And hope that you be HAPPY because you know it’s HAPPY NEW YEAR.!!!!

Thank you for reading, appreciating, giving your time and your support and love!!!!! Means a lot more than you will ever know so a big THANK YOU for everything and a Happy new Year!!!




Illusion of Pain and Realisation of My RealAim

Do you recall? The way we had fall,It was different from rest of all……

It was the time  when I cried every night, i was scared of the day light..

But now I m on a height where you can’t take it light..

Yeah my cheeks are  wet,  but you are not the reason now  I bet…

I wonder why was I so sad, was it that bad..?

  I have learnt from experiences I had but still I m kinda mad…

But self love is something, more precious than a red diamond ring…

Why was I competing to be sad?

Why didn’t I realise I can never win in a competition of pain..

 I didn’t see around poverty, illnesses there is so much more pain.. 

All i cared about was my love and my pain and things I gain…. 

Now I realise when I saw a hungry man in pain, and a place with no rain, and the people were ready to drink water out of sewage drain…

I realised my pain is no pain ,in a world where orphans dont know their name… 

I m lucky.. To breath, to be alive,

To realise that there is so much more pain than being heartbroken….

When I saw that old man crying ,beging for life,  I realised how bad was that thought to suicide…..

I wonder why I cried for that stupid fight… When people lose their lives in to a country to country inhuman fight…. 

But now I have realised  that I was painless and also aimless…

Yes I want that job, that car, that bunglow, a hell lot of money….. Yes but I have realised that’s all for myself…

But hey now I have an aim which can reduce their pain…

I wanna be the summer rain…..

I have a dream to reduce their pain…

I want to bring them out of trauma…

I know god will be happy to know that now I have come out of illusion of pain and I have realisation of my real aim….

The death that chases a man, and the grave that is waiting….. I m happy  to know that I m breathing and I have a heart thats beating…

Finally I m out of the illusion of pain ,now that I have realisation of my real aim…


Yeah!!.. So guess what happened?.. Maybe you saw that.. Yes i got 100 followers. 100 geniune readers… Yes isn’t that a big thing for a 14 year old girl….!

I know most of you have more than me but it’s a big thing for me… So here I m sharing a huge proportion of my happiness with you…  you know khushiyaan baatne se badti hain… 

Not much but I just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who like, comment, read, post and follow. I believe that whole world is a family so this seems to be my WordPress  family…So thank you!!! 

Not making it long further I want to just say that it’s because of no one else but you that I m so happy…

I m 14 and I really need guidance and feedback about my writing.. So thank you so much for reading, liking, and appreciating and following….

THANK You  for  being there with me

 when I need you, THANKYOU  for everysingle like you give,

 THANKYOU for every single comment it matters a lot, 

THANKYOU for feedback it’s very much like showing me mirror,

THANKYOU for lots of love and your most precious support…

And THANKYOU  for the most important thing your time…..

All i wanna say is a big THANK YOU for everything you do….





A day of unity…. 

I know you are hurt, I know you are broken,

But it’s the time we need to stand for each other….

I know it’s not love, maybe  because all of us can’t love each other…

We are frustrated and broken at times…

But it’s you always who give me strength and you only are reason for my smiles….

Lets make today’s day a day worth remembering….

Hold somebody who’s falling, save somebody from drowning…

Do  something that you have no guilt on your death bed…

I bet this day will make it for all…. 

Who wants to die in a war afterall… 

I know  revenge is cool, but if you forgive you’ll be better than that fool,

And yes I know how hard it is to forgive…. 

 but can you imagine how beautiful our world would be with no grudges? 

Yes, I know it’s not easy, because each one among us is so busy…

But is it that hard to spend a day without anger?

Let’s change our perspectives and look from a different angle.. 

Ever thought why are we fighting with our own family members?

Whole world is a family…. Colour, gender, religion, nation might be different but you are a human and I m a human!!! 

So today lets give a back to each other and stand for each other….

IMAGiNe how happy GOD will be to see us all TOGETHER…. !!!!!


Where am I going?

Maybe I am lost…

Lost in a place no one has found…

Its deep, it’s dark..

And I m all alone but I know..

But I know god is not shadow…

But someone that comes with me…

Like every heart beat

And every single breath…. 

I wipe a tear… 

And other falls 

I wipe the other and another falls…

I m broken and shattered

Till the bottom of my heart…

And there’s no one to hold me

When I m broken apart…
I have known so much that I can’t apply

I  had wings but recently I learnt how to fly…

I m getting stronger and stronger…

But it is getting harder, harder and harder….

I m lost….

I m lost in search of something…

And I m confused ….

that it’s “someone” or “something” ….

Where am I going?

Maybe I am lost

I am lost in a place no one has found… 

Earth is the new HEAVEN….❤.. Or maybe Hell.. 

Do you believe in the concept of life after death? And if you do you might be knowing there are two places called heaven and hell and where you shift after death depends on your deeds. Well,  I believe in nothing but karma. You get what you give… No where else but it always bounces back on earth itself… Maybe that’s the fear of karma that makes people do good… 

Yeah it is so… We can never be sure that we will have a life after death… But you know even if a place like heaven could be there earth would be better because its beauty lies in its imperfection. We can accept anything on earth there is bad and there is good and space for all… Yes bad things do happen but would it be fun if it was all nice, good and satisfying …bad makes good worthy… And yes it is so thrill over here you have pain and then you have happiness and if have ever experienced the joy after pain its lovely… If given choice to live on earth or heaven ….i would choose earth because its adventure here…. We have movies, books, gaming, social media, and all the other so many cool things… Who wants heaven?

Yeah somedays are unsatisfying and painful and you may feel that this place is worse than hell…. Its all in the brain. It’s how you look at it… Wherever you go could be heaven or  hell just depends on the state of mind…. Its how you see it… Yeah two face people, all the crimes and bad things happening all around and global warming and all the blah blah blah… But still like always its beauty lies in imperfection… And here you fall in love then its better than heaven and then you are heartbroken and its hell and then you fall in love again… What a fun thing right? Our earth is so huge that it can accept all your mistakes because there are millions of people making the same mistakes… It accepts all good, bad or anything… And if not earth where would you be? Truly it gives space for bad and a chance for bad to turn good and maybe that’s why its something better than heaven …..





Yes ,so as many of you guys know how big google fan I m .I search almost every small thing in google and some times very insane things, sometimes I use google to even to find a way when I  m lost in my thoughts, moreover it has helped me with my curiosity. I  come across so many questions whether it is something from my text book or any other question that are really silly.Google can find most of what I m looking for. It is best search engine. As it is safe, easy to use and also because I have been using it for a pretty long time it is not so complex as other search engines and you know it has a very satisfying and friendly look and its super easy to use so for me its always google.Its rarely that google disappointments me.  Randomly googling things has become like a new hobby for me but something really weird happens sometimes with google .

So here’s what happened:

I had a mild headache two weeks ago and I popped in a white tablet my mom gave.( Honestly not feeling well is so fun. You get pampered alot. ).I do what my mom says when it comes to these kinda things. I was just doing my all time pass that day. I opened google and I wanted to know why headaches happen and all the related things.And guess what I found out that I had symptoms of migrane and some type of psychological diseases and so many other disease with almost unpronounceable names. Damn! What was happening. Okay I have a habit of believing google blindly so you can guess what happened. I was not so dumb also I knew how can all this be true just linked to a headache. My aunt was home that day, she is a doctor so I talked to her about my headache and showed her the google search. She started smiling. She is really friendly so, I knew I had been wrong somewhere. She said it is just because of climate change, the body takes time to adapt. It could also be because of stress and then she asked me did I have cold and then I was like yes I do have cold. She is super smart. I just had a bit fear about the google search it was cleared although. Nowonwards I will never try and become doctor for myself. Was pretty stressful. Some people don’t even need the internet to get this stress.

So my total advice don’t ever make google your doctor. Although it may help through some remedies. If you are unwell go see a doctor. Don’t try to do. Crash course in science .But just think about it if every one’s answer was in google why do people  waste years of there life becoming doctor.Not expected from me I know but everyone’s stupid sometimes. Apologies !

This is what I have realised that with so much of technology… And internet interfering almost every aspect of our lives we have somehow lost libraries, you can even order food sitting on your phone, gone are the days when students used to struggle for answers you have everything on internet from textbook answers to things you shouldn’t be  seeing . Google has answer for everything I need sometimes more than I need but has our outer world been taken up by the virtual world ? However it is I accept it because you know its easier and maybe its helping almost every body so no bads! Just was my random experience with google. 




 A guy who has a girl best friend …

If you are guy and you have a girl best friend thank god firstly because he has blessed you with a lovely best friend and secondly because maybe she is the best ‘best friend ‘ you could ever have.I m a girl and I have 5 best friends and 3 of them are boys(actually now only 4 best friends) …. And I m so proud to be bestie. 

If you are a guy and you have a girl best friend then..

  1. You will get comfortable with girls: Comfortable in the sense you will be comfortable in talking with other girls. As we know how many guys are so shy to even make an eye contact  with girls it will increase the level of confidence.
  2. She  is always gonna be best to handle your emotional side: Okay if you go to a boy and cry I don’t think he can give you sympathy but never as good as a girl.+She’ll understand your feelings better. 
  3. You’ll know the latest gossips: okay this is so girly but who knows the latest gossips better than girls.
  4. You ‘ll improve  your dressing sense: Okay if you ask a guy they might not be that honest but girls can always perfectly tell you how you look.
  5. You’ll get best girlfriend advice: yes you will. Because that girl knows every thing about the girls and she can tell you the best advice to impress a girl or all related things.
  6. You can be sure about loyalty: She wont cheat you because there is no competition and no reason to usually.
  7. You’ll have a person to cry with: she wont judge you know matter what and she’ll always be there for you. 
  8. You’ll be a better person: yes. Because you’ll know how to respect girls and you know you needa be a bit more nice when you are talking to a girl and most of the girls are very sweet so you’ll get a bit of that in your attitude. 

Much more to write but these are at top. And if you think a girl and a boy cannot be just best friends come out of it. I know most people will think your relationship more than just best friends. But seriously do you care? And if you don’t have a girl best friend I know you might not be able to relate to this but try looking for one. Friendship is a beautiful relationship make it go next level.. And if you have much more things to add on to this post comments are open all the time…




#Day12……Can you do this challenge 

Many of you guys know about my can you do this challenge …..if no then check out my post on can you do this challenge .

We have wonderfully come to day12.Wish you luck to go further!!!👍

You know what is the one thing every human deep inside the heart craves for? Its appreciation!!! Deep inside heart every person wants to be appreciated and that’s one of the many reasons we work hard. Today’s challenge is to PRAISE! What? Such a simple thing as praise? Trust me it does miracles. When you praise someone they be eager to be with you and give you more respect and you know if you appreciate they will too…Dont praise someone for these all things.. Put your ego side go and honestly praise someone. Dont get into buttering kinda stuff its not. Not only others will see you as a better person you will  actually be a better person…

 Praise is a form of giving. Spread happiness wherever you go  and you need to do it honestly. It also increases your social skills and makes you a better person and praising others will give you a good mental attitude. Your attitude towards people, situation and conditions makes all the  difference. So go ahead and be the nicest, sweetest, and the most humble person you know…. This is super easy and trust me you will be super happy. Praise as many people as you can. (You know you can do it on WordPress too;) )❤




 Blogging everyday… 

I guess we all are bloggers here and are so much into writing (blogging) &reading… Since I have started writing I just recently realised that blogging is such a cool thing and I actually spend a nice amount of time on it and you cannot call it a waste of time cause you know it’s ‘reading &writing ‘. Not only it allows you to share your experience but also to read the experience of other people. Getting to know how people think, what’s going on and there are so many more wonderful things and talents which are actually unknown by many of us…. Its really wonderful. You get to meet new people and understand them and then your level of thinking just gets wider. You start to think better, you get more curious and then you are never tired of it because it’s so intresting and so much more to learn. You also get introduced to a wonderful experience of knowing the lifestyles of various people and learn about things you never knew. And when you write everyday its the very basic thing that your writing skills get better ,grammar gets better, your vocabulary is enriched and you become a better reader.

Its really nice to share your experience, thoughts or anything, afterall even if you have no one you know WordPress family is always gonna be there for you… And its a wonderful tradition to comment and like because you get to know what people think about it and how good it is and where you stand and when you reply to that you are actually socializing and you learn how to respond and treat people in a better way. Blogging is a wonderful tool it depends on you how much you can use it and be a better person.  Blog means to share, create , grow and be a better you. You never know how your one positive post can inspire someone or help somone. I know it takes time and effort but you never know how a like or comment can make someone smile or inspire someone to do better.  It’s a great experience and I m thankful to WordPress and to you all for this…..