Part2..#little things  

Yo guys! This is the second part of little  things  but in this blog i am sharing  little  things that  make  me  happy…When do you feel nice and happy from within.. You always  don’t  need a big reason  to be happy little things give a lot of pleasure  sometimes. So this is my list of those  little things..

    1. Eating chocolates
    2. Texting 
    3. Drinking coffee
    4. Reading  inspirational  things
    5. Blogging and reading your  comments
    6. YouTube &tv
    7. Daydreaming
    8. Listening  to music 
    9. Shopping 
    10. Dressing up
    11. Anything  I  do  with  my BFFs
    12. Travelling
    13. Laughing  out  loud
    14. Taking selfie
    15. Hugging  my teddy bear tight(nothing feels better when i m crying #i love my teddy)
    16. Sharing my feelings  and thoughts  to someone  i love(#thats you) 
    17. Warm showers
    18. Eating  outside 
    19. Debating with family and friend
    20. Playing  outdoor games with family 

    The list is still long  but these are at top of my favourites.. So today no matter how stressed  you are do a little  thing that makes you happy .Things like fighting  with friend, singing in the shower, dancing  in the mirror  and many  other things can make you feel so good.. 

    Don’t  forget to share your little  thing list  in the comments. Give it a like if you could relate this to your sweet  life.. And also don’t  forget  to comment(remeber the 5th point on the list… )





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