If you are having one of those dark days.It’s okay.It’s okay to feel that darkness.If you are going through a divorce right now ,if you are going through a financial problem right now,if you are going through illness right now or any form of crisis right now ,i know you might not even want to get out of your bed right now.I understand it might be that bad .Please remember crisis comes to serve the person who wants to use his fear.And you know what you have a choice to play victim and let it break you or you can ask yourself how can you use this dark time , because you know that dark times never last forever.The real question is how can i leverage the pain?How can i leverage the darkness?How can i leverage the heartbreak? So it grows me, so it makes me stronger,so it makes me wiser.Pain is always gonna be there.And if you have got in your mind that people don ‘t understand.it’s okay.They won’t.I know that you know darkness you know evil but more important than that is that you know good,you know laughter ,you know love.Be strong because if you are victimized by your thoughts you are victimized by your past.the first think i want you to realize is that what is happening is not punishment but an oppurtunity. …………………………..So please remember you are built to shine,great things are coming,you are not average and darkness will pass.It might be stormy right now but it won’t rain forever .It’s never late to start living the life and becoming a person you always wanted to be.Take small steps daily and they become your big leap to success.and remember you are as great as you think you are.So if you got any inspiration or just a little motivation to get up and set up your life unlike like most of the mediocre in your life then give it a like and don’t forget to comment…YOURLOVELIEST





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