#Day 2…Can you do this challenge 

Hey! many of you guys know about  can you do this challenge  and if not checkout  my post on can you  do this challenge.. .Day 1 was a day without sugar. Hard for some, effortless  for some… Although  if you were successful  in  completing that challenge give yourself a pat or you could also give a reward  to yourself (make sure that reward  is not an eatable item) .And all the people who were not successful, it s okay. Be positive  and try today’s  challenge….
So today’s  challenge  is: do something  creative. Anything.  Remember  when you were a kid. What creative  things you did? Drawing, colouring, papercrafts and many other forms of creative  things. So give it a try

It might be really difficult but it will increase  your CQ (creativity   quotient) .You can make a family  traditional  dish, do flower decoration, redesign your room, paint,  draw, sketch, pot designing, make a bouquet and gift someone, papercrafts,DIYs   or anything  else.and don’t  forget  that you need to show your creativity offline that means no online creativity. (I know you are very creative  while blogging):) 

So get up, get energized, get refreshed and put on reverse  gear  for a day and do something  creative. Don’t  forget  to share a pic of your creative  art… I will too share a pic of my creative  art.

Don’t  forget to like this post  and comment…

Love you guys!!!





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