It is not so important what you are talking about to others or how you are showing your personality.The most important thing is that what YOU  think about yourself.24 hrs a day what you think about yourself, what you say to yourself matters, because your opinion about yourself decides how high,how efficient,how excellent and how great your actions will be.Faking yourself as a very strong person is not at all hard.It ‘s a human nature to showoff.What you tell to yourself actually decides what is going to happen in future with you,it decides your level of confidence.If you are dealing with any issues related to self esteem and confidence then tell yourself “I AM THE GREATEST PERSON EVER BORN ON THIS PLANET”,not only tell but feel this ,feel this and let it go inside you.What you think you are ,is the only truth about you.And let me make it very clear to you, this is not thinking yourself superior to others this will bring ego in you.There are always going to be somebody better than you so remember you are fighting with nobody but yourself.And if somebody says that you are not the greatest ,tell them that you don’t give a damn about what anybody thinks.When you become the greatest in your mind ,you behave like a positive person,an efficient person who does not show ego and is ready to help anybody.Behave how you think a great person would…
never ever let ego make a place in your heart and treat everyone you meet like royalty.
So today, be enthusiastic .Be open to life.Take challenges.Be curious. love to learn.Have a lot of fun.Embrace change as a chance to grow.tell your loved ones you love them.Spread some passion.I’ll be the first one to agree that whatever happens with you each day can’t be controlled.But with enthusiasm and strong will power you can handle whatever the coming hours bring with grace , strength and smile….So today be outrageously energetic and madly alive…

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