#Day4….Can you do this challenge

Many of you know about my can you do this challenge. If no then check out my post on can you do this challenge…

So, yesterday ‘s challenge was really amazing hope you tried it.

Today’s challenge is to meet  new people. Do how much you can. And remember not online. This will actually develop your communication skills and make you an  extrovert and also you will  have a new experience of dealing with all kings of people. So give it a try it might be really easy for some. So today go and talk to any stranger or a person standing next to you in a queue or in lift. If you can go further make new friends also. A nice idea is to go to a party or any other public place where you find people. So ultimately you need to introduce yourself to as many people as possible . You could also try this challenge at your work place.It will also give you a nice level of confidence and you know what you should always try new things, meet new people. What does it give you? 

Experience, yes so try this challenge because experience is a thing you can’t buy and also it makes you a better person. An amazing and outgoing personality and a flawless character.

So, dress up, drink your coffee  ,go out, party hard ,have fun and meet amazing people… And have a wonderful experience…

Hope your day goes amazing. And don’t forget to like  and comment. I would love to  know your thoughts about this challenge…






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