#Day5…. Can you do this challenge 

Many of you guys know about my can you do this challenge…If no then check out my blog on can you do this..

Great going guys we have come to day 5…

So today’s challenge is: To show how much you love someone instead of just telling them… Million ways to do it but you need to find  your way to show your love through actions. Telling someone that you love them can fix this thing in their mind but if you show them how much you love them your love will fix in their heart  forever…

So today let it be your mom, dad, granny, sister, girlfriend, wife or any one you love. I know they trust you and they will always love you. But just oneday show them how much you love them. Any wise person believes in actions not words alone…

Take up this challenge… Treat your mom with a delicious meal made by you, buy your girlfriend a dress she always wanted, take your wife out for a romantic dinner, go out to a nice place with your granny, take your dad out and spend time with him.

Ever noticed that it ‘s  the people we love most that we take most for granted? Its easy to spend less time with your family  because they will always be there for you (or so you assume). Its easy to put off expressing your love to your loved ones because there seems no urgency to do so. But what in life could be more important than them?





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