#Day 6….Can you do this challenge 

Many of you guys know about my can you do this challenge if no check out my blog on it  …

So today’s challenge is pretty simple. And may be this can help you solve a big  problem .

This challenge is going to be hard for all social media addicts but I know a very few people who don’t like to be on social media. Let be you tube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other site. Honestly many of us actually don’t know how much time we actually are spending on it.Its more than you think. Grab the phone check the message, scroll down and 15 mins are gone(but you just felt it was about 5min) and you keep down the phone after another 5 min you check your phone (and this time you felt like it was 30 min).I don’t know if you can relate to this example but yes there are addicts who spend 6-10 hours on social media. Yes I know many of you won’t believe this but yes it’s true.

Todays challenge is to cut the time you spend on social media to half. Suppose you spend 2 hrs on internet reduce it to one. And if you can take it further cut it off into none. (I know this can be hard). And if you are finding this challenge too hard I request you to give it a try. And if you really cannot live without it then at least cut off 5 mins…

And all the people who spend 1 hour or less daily on social media  pat yourself and give yourself rest for today’s challenge.(You can make it lesser if you want to but according to me 1 hour is just perfect) 

Give it a try! If you think you spend less time on social media try and remember how many times did you check your phone today, how many videos did you watch ask yourself and estimate how much time do you actually spend on it.

I know it’s hard but not impossible.  You may not even know how much it is harming you. Its a great time eater. Be brave and give it a try. 

There are innumerous bad effects of social media  and just imagine how much time can you save by taking up this challenge. So today distract yourself from this distraction. Show some guts and take up this challenge.Use your time on creative things, go meet your friends, go jog around the park go out and party hard. See you later as I am getting ready to go out with my friends!!!! Hope you have a great day offline…..






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