#Day7….Can you do this challenge 

Many of you guys know about my can you do this challenge… If no then check out my post on can you do this challenge…

Hey guys I am really excited because as we have cleared 6 days and here we are on the 7th day…

This is a challenge in which you have a choice. This is a lot like yesterday’s challenge but in this challenge you need to choose. Are you addicted to something? Or you are trying to give up something that’s harming you but you cant leave it or a thing you know that it is not good but still you are stuck with it . Today choose that one thing and make yourself stay without that thing or habit for a day.Give it up. Totally… Just one day. Trust me tomorrow it will become easier for you to stay without it…. 

Your phone, tv or your computer or sugar, smoking, drinking, wasting time on you tube, watching videos on internet or anything or you any other nad habit….Think about it and how it will make you better… 

How well you choose the thing depends on your ability to think and also how much you know about yourself ….You can choose the best for yourself I know no one does it better. 

Take up this challenge and think of your worst habits or a thing you are addicted  to and give it up..






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