#Day9…..Can you do this challenge 

Hey many of you guys know about my can you do this challenge, if no then check out my can you do this post…..

So today’s challenge is gonna be super easy and super fun. Today is Saturday (according to INDIANSTANDARDTIME) so fun day. Worked too hard, pushed too hard, had enough now its the time for fun. Today’s challenge is: to see a movie (a movie which is worth seeing and conveys a  good message) you can invite your friends over or go out for a movie…. And if you get a really good movie to watch you know you get a good motivation and movies are the best stress buster.

Call your friends over or your girlfriend or anyone you don’t usually spend time with. You know what these are the times we discover the most amazing moments and the most lovely things happen and come on afterall it’s gonna be fun because its a movie. This is a happy challenge so go out and boost your mood. 

Love you!!!





17 Replies to “#Day9…..Can you do this challenge ”

    1. Yup
      Life of pi
      Seven pounds…
      Well you could also watch any good romantic\thrill/teen movie…or even better horror movie with friends..

      Any movie becomes good if you watch it with anyone special…

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      1. Thanks to u for being there… U dont know how lonely i was may be that was the reason i joined wordpress but after meeting you i think it was my right decision hence again proved jo v hota h ache k liye hota h 🙂

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