Out of the Barbie world… 

Recently on my b’day everyone was like I have grown up so early. A few years back my life was all about school, friends and pink. Yes pink. You won’t believe how many things I have in pink. My room got renovated a few months ago it was full of pink.But now I m like changed totally .I m not gonna be the girl who’s sitting in the barbie world. Make up, boys life is a lot more than  that. I wanna be all that I have always dreamt of. I m a pretty girl, i have been in pretty world but now life has become really challenging but its fun. Barbie was such a ideal for me till 6th grade. Old thing now. years ago.

Broken trust, many bad things happend this year which should not have happened ,but ultimately it made me a strong girl. I don’t wanna be a girl who’s satisfied just by pretty face. Life is so full of thrill.

I sometimes invite problems  but looking forward this years gonna end soon, no regrets although but this year has made me a stronger person and taught me a lot about the thing called ‘trust’. I m happy out of Barbie world…. Just was a random thought…we talk about looking pretty.. Lets be pretty kind, pretty smart and pretty strong. 





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