#Day12……Can you do this challenge 

Many of you guys know about my can you do this challenge …..if no then check out my post on can you do this challenge .

We have wonderfully come to day12.Wish you luck to go further!!!👍

You know what is the one thing every human deep inside the heart craves for? Its appreciation!!! Deep inside heart every person wants to be appreciated and that’s one of the many reasons we work hard. Today’s challenge is to PRAISE! What? Such a simple thing as praise? Trust me it does miracles. When you praise someone they be eager to be with you and give you more respect and you know if you appreciate they will too…Dont praise someone for these all things.. Put your ego side go and honestly praise someone. Dont get into buttering kinda stuff its not. Not only others will see you as a better person you will  actually be a better person…

 Praise is a form of giving. Spread happiness wherever you go  and you need to do it honestly. It also increases your social skills and makes you a better person and praising others will give you a good mental attitude. Your attitude towards people, situation and conditions makes all the  difference. So go ahead and be the nicest, sweetest, and the most humble person you know…. This is super easy and trust me you will be super happy. Praise as many people as you can. (You know you can do it on WordPress too;) )❤





19 Replies to “#Day12……Can you do this challenge ”

  1. Let me begin this challenge by appreciating you. You are the most sweetest person I ever known 🙂 You are so young still teenage but sometimes I get inspiration from you and sometimes I find you much more mature than me. Things which I like most about is that you are very much clear about what you want to do and say 😉 U are very impressive 🙂 And i am glad that I meet you and lucky to have you as my BBF <3,. Thanks for being with me ❤ And ya always keep smiling 🙂 And god bless u always 🙂

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    1. Ohh god thank you so so so so.. Much …Its so sweet of you that you took your time and wrote this.. Thankx for this and everything you do for me😊…
      Words can’t express what this meant to me.. ..I want to frame this n keep….❤❤❤❤yOu
      Made my day! THANK YOU for everything you do! You Mean a lot….😇😇😇😭 more than you will ever know!

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      1. I also wanna tell you something I feel..
        You inspire me to be a better person. I can’t tell you how happy you make me some days .You are super positive kind of person and you are so strong.. I love it when you care so much and tell me to smile and cry lesser…and the day you wrote that wait waali post and I started crying the way you treated me is unforgettable… And v have so many things similar i never wanted anyone to be like me but now i don’t know why but I am loving it I wish to meet u soon aur mai jitni taarif karoon utni kam hai…. I wanted to tell you so many things but I know words will become less but surely one day I will meet you and thank you for being there and being who you are…


      2. Thanks this really made my day thanks for dis lovely post really loved this yet again u proved u r much more sweetest than anyone nd i am eagerly waiting to meet my BBF 🙂

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