A guy who has a girl best friend …

If you are guy and you have a girl best friend thank god firstly because he has blessed you with a lovely best friend and secondly because maybe she is the best ‘best friend ‘ you could ever have.I m a girl and I have 5 best friends and 3 of them are boys(actually now only 4 best friends) …. And I m so proud to be bestie. 

If you are a guy and you have a girl best friend then..

  1. You will get comfortable with girls: Comfortable in the sense you will be comfortable in talking with other girls. As we know how many guys are so shy to even make an eye contact  with girls it will increase the level of confidence.
  2. She  is always gonna be best to handle your emotional side: Okay if you go to a boy and cry I don’t think he can give you sympathy but never as good as a girl.+She’ll understand your feelings better. 
  3. You’ll know the latest gossips: okay this is so girly but who knows the latest gossips better than girls.
  4. You ‘ll improve  your dressing sense: Okay if you ask a guy they might not be that honest but girls can always perfectly tell you how you look.
  5. You’ll get best girlfriend advice: yes you will. Because that girl knows every thing about the girls and she can tell you the best advice to impress a girl or all related things.
  6. You can be sure about loyalty: She wont cheat you because there is no competition and no reason to usually.
  7. You’ll have a person to cry with: she wont judge you know matter what and she’ll always be there for you. 
  8. You’ll be a better person: yes. Because you’ll know how to respect girls and you know you needa be a bit more nice when you are talking to a girl and most of the girls are very sweet so you’ll get a bit of that in your attitude. 

Much more to write but these are at top. And if you think a girl and a boy cannot be just best friends come out of it. I know most people will think your relationship more than just best friends. But seriously do you care? And if you don’t have a girl best friend I know you might not be able to relate to this but try looking for one. Friendship is a beautiful relationship make it go next level.. And if you have much more things to add on to this post comments are open all the time…





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