Every morning…. 

 Today I woke up was checking the blog posts and suddenly I got such a good motivation from a post. What am I doing? Waking up each morning and taking it for so granted. What if I slept yesterday and did’nt wake up? What would happen? I m grateful now. To wake up, To see the next day and the sunshine. I know what happens in life might not be so much in my control but now I m more positive. You know how it was earlier I used to wake up and just take the morning and the day for granted and maybe start my day with no motivation and enthusiasm  a big wrong thing I was doing. I call it “dimag ki bati jalgai”.(Hard to explain what it means if you don’t know hindi just google it, you know how much I love google).Every day restlessly waking up how stupid I was. People die to live the life I m living and you know I should have been greatful even if I didn’t had all comforts because I m alive with oxygen, shelter,food and water. I get a bit confused and frustrated about things in my life. I was stupid and maybe I m stupid .But from now no being a boring morning person. Being positive in morning helps you to fight your battles through a positive way. 

So one positive blog in the morning changed my thinking. Try doing or reading as many as positive things as possible or things that make you happy……. So here’s my idea: Please don’t start your day with a boring attitude. Be grateful about all the things you have and another start of your new life. It’s a chance to completely change your life and make it a better one. You have fresh 24hours. Do whatever you want. Give your 100% in whatever you do no matter how small is the work. And if you need more motivation YouTube is always there.It would be a better idea to read, listen, watch or even write something which gives you  motivation .I did it and I m looking forward to make a coffee for myself . Your turn now. Have a great day!😊wish you lots of luck and a really happy morning!





683 thoughts on “Every morning…. 

  1. Very well said! .. Can’t agree more with your post. Waking up with a positive attitude and gratitude of having another day to inspire and be inspired is exactly what we all must do! As you said, we can’t control everything, but we can control our thoughts and attitude!….
    Keep up the great posts! 🙂

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  2. What a coincidence.. I just woke up its 5am in the morning wanted to read something good and read ur article Early Morning.. Beautiful penned..m feeling motivated now.. I think going forward I should start my day with reading ur blogs..😉

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  3. U know why ur writing is so effective.. coz I think u had a very bad experience in love.. definitely some one might hav cheated on u..and that pain clearly reflects in ur writing.. that’s y u not using WhatsApp and u might hav also deactivated ur Facebook account..I don’t know I might b wrong but that’s what i think…

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    • Damn…..so close to mystery… Are you a physiologist hats off to your intuition… You are close but i don’t give someone any right to cheat on me… And with heart so weak maybe it was love was never meant for me… Not now atleast… Yeah and pain is a lot part of me so i m in love with pain too… Yeah I have deactivated the account… Must say you are really smart….