Earth is the new HEAVEN….❤.. Or maybe Hell.. 

Do you believe in the concept of life after death? And if you do you might be knowing there are two places called heaven and hell and where you shift after death depends on your deeds. Well,  I believe in nothing but karma. You get what you give… No where else but it always bounces back on earth itself… Maybe that’s the fear of karma that makes people do good… 

Yeah it is so… We can never be sure that we will have a life after death… But you know even if a place like heaven could be there earth would be better because its beauty lies in its imperfection. We can accept anything on earth there is bad and there is good and space for all… Yes bad things do happen but would it be fun if it was all nice, good and satisfying …bad makes good worthy… And yes it is so thrill over here you have pain and then you have happiness and if have ever experienced the joy after pain its lovely… If given choice to live on earth or heaven ….i would choose earth because its adventure here…. We have movies, books, gaming, social media, and all the other so many cool things… Who wants heaven?

Yeah somedays are unsatisfying and painful and you may feel that this place is worse than hell…. Its all in the brain. It’s how you look at it… Wherever you go could be heaven or  hell just depends on the state of mind…. Its how you see it… Yeah two face people, all the crimes and bad things happening all around and global warming and all the blah blah blah… But still like always its beauty lies in imperfection… And here you fall in love then its better than heaven and then you are heartbroken and its hell and then you fall in love again… What a fun thing right? Our earth is so huge that it can accept all your mistakes because there are millions of people making the same mistakes… It accepts all good, bad or anything… And if not earth where would you be? Truly it gives space for bad and a chance for bad to turn good and maybe that’s why its something better than heaven …..





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