Last 2016 note!!!! Are you ready for new start? 

Few hours for this year to end hope you have done all the flush off of the old dust, grudges and bad memories… If no just do it now, better late then never!!!

All of us are expecting something from upcoming year… Maybe a lot of things but you know what I have realised is that don’t expect anything from anyone nor anything from your life.. It’s waste! Have expectations but with nobody but yourself. This way you might get less disappointments…And everyone here who is trying to do things and get happy in this upcoming year let me tell you that was my last years resolution  to do something and be happy. Such a stupid resolution was it. You know what I have realised is that first you need to be happy and then do things. Happiness is no reward its what comes from inside. You don’t need to go somewhere, meet someone,or do something to be happy .

So do you  have any resolutions this new year? If no please make resolutions and write it down. You know that when you write something it stays in your mind for longer time. That’s why we make schedule and to -do -lists …Commit something and write it down, plan to achieve something and go step by step. It’s the easiest way. Okay not the easiest but the simplest because nothing worth having comes easy.You need to make resolutions because you have a year ahead a fresh start, a fresh plan and a better you!!!! 

I have many resolutions but then I just thought of arranging them according to my priorities!It’s something you should do if you have more than 2 resolutions… Yes! You know these little steps might look small but they fix things in a great way for us. It becomes simpler  but not easier !

So many things happened this year which shouldn’t have happened but who can control fate?.. Very wrong thinking!!!!!!  We have the power to control somethings we must not leave all the things on an imaginary thing and carelessly living life because it’s all on fate.. This is the biggest lie. You can always change what you don’t want or don’t like. Not forgetting you can always change nobody but yourself. 

You have no idea how blessed you are for having 1 more year. Hope that we use it wisely and be a better human being. Wish you a very good luck and hope you have a great time in upcoming year. And hope that you be HAPPY because you know it’s HAPPY NEW YEAR.!!!!

Thank you for reading, appreciating, giving your time and your support and love!!!!! Means a lot more than you will ever know so a big THANK YOU for everything and a Happy new Year!!!





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