Something about love…Is this what it means? 

Here’s a story I read and got into this idea:(something really worth reading) 

             There was a man who lived in a cave in acient Persia for 70 years and he used to worship God every moment, out of love. And one day an angel descended to him… The angle said”god has sent me to deliver you a message “……….  The man got excited and said “I m so glad  to hear that. What is the message that I have from my beloved? “…. Angel replied”All your prayers have been denied and your name is listed with the people who will go to hell”… After hearing this the man started dancing and whirling and jumping out of joy as if he was waiting for the message.  The angel  asked him “Are you stupid or insane? “……… (Most intresting part👉) Then he replied, “You don’t understand this state. This is called LOVE .What do you think? I was worshipping all my life to get my name in his good book? or for some other reasons? I worshipped him to get his attention. It doesn’t matter where god puts me or writes my name in his good book or not. All I am ecstatic about is that god took my name and thought about me. Isn’t that what all lovers demand?

True love or true lover? Is love complete even if it is onesided? How often do we get confused between infatuation, fascination, attraction and love…. 

This story just changed my mindset about confusion and love in just few minutes… Wonderful..!!!Calmness and contentment and the hardest part no expectations no demands maybe thats what true love means….

True love has no expectations, no reasons,no demands, no pains, no regrets, no grudges  no limits,and most importantly no ends…. something more than just attraction just a feeling that stays least That’s what the story taught me.. It’s wonderful. Love is not just a boy and girl thing it is beyond that. I have no clear idea about love but surely it’s more intense and beautiful and deep than it looks….


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