This thing called productivity !🎓📚📊

Google defines it as the” effectiveness of productive effort. “Actually i procrastinate a lot. Was trying to be productive and i have tried these steps and I follow some of them with utmost discpline as they are easy. You know they actually help. You know you don’t procrastinate while watching tv or in movie theatre do you? Yes because it’s a thing of intrest that’s the basic of everything we do more of fun things which give temporary pleasure and less of things for long term happiness and also success. Mmm… As follows just glance over and see if they help you coz they helped me so thought of sharing… 

  1. Sleep: this is the easiest but hard for me because i have no fixed sleep schedule usually. I sleep whenever my eyes are too tired to even blink.But every one requires 7-10 hours sleep. It’s a myth that if you sleep for 5 hours you will be successful… Trust me!  
  2. Wake up@5: Again sleep early means rise early. I wake up at 5 easily because it’s a childhood habit. I wake up or else i have 7alarms set between 5-5:30am. You can try that.
  3. Schedule should be first: believe me or not to do lists do work. Try it today. Make a to do list as soon as you get up for a great start.
  4. Make mornings fun: Meditate, exercise, listen to music ,drink coffee or anything that makes you happy. A happy morning can make your day far more positive than you think.
  5. Motivation: we all get low sometimes. We don’t wanna work but just on tv and see that episode again even if v have seen it 1000 times. I m talking about TARAK MEHTA KA ULTA CHASHMA. Haha. Okay you may try subscribing to a motivational YouTube channel or for me what works best is watching something like ted talk or reading quotes and other positive articles  in mornings specially. You may listen or read something motivating .it’s temporary as motivation isn’t forever… But it works as does just like coffee before work.
  6. Power naps: i can sleep in seconds in afternoon. It’s good to take naps. Brain gets rest and works better. Preferably 20-30 mins. But its just nap don’t make it your new distraction. Don’t cross 40 mins in any case
  7. Read: Reading good books or self help books is often very motivating as reffered in previous post for the love of reading and it helps you concentrate and stay positive all day long. 
  8. Phone?: Fix time or maybe phone breakes and atleast just observe one day how much time you actually spend on phone. I usually on flight mode when studying. But if i need browser for help i try my best to stay away from those social media tabs.
  9.  Just 15 minutes: For all those who procrastinate a lot just try your best and stay away from distraction for first 15 mins min of your work session. As 15 mins are enough for brain to fix in one thing and concentrate longer.
  10. Have time for fun: Work hard, play hard. Have time everyday for something which gives you extreme pleasure or fun and do that thing. Hopefully something good!!!!

Hope these help you. Well i m a work on construction so i just got some interesting info and I thought of sharing it with you😊.This is a combo actually of so many articles that I read and few of them are from my personal experience.  Which one is your favourite? 


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