The “Youtube kissing Prank”

Recently a young  Indian YouTuber was arrested for a kiss prank made by him, in which he randomly kissed girls and ran away .And how shocking it is that this guy had about 1.5 LAKH SUBSCRIBERS. How shameful is it when some people say that he shouldn’t be arrested as it was just a prank . They, god knows why but find it cool. Seems like youtubers can do anything to get paid.Atleast someone like him…

I wonder what might be going in that guy’s mind that he decided to do such a stupid mistake. Because obviously he didn’t knew it was a mistake.If he would be knowing why would he upload that video knowing that police can locate him in seconds by that.

The reason is ENTERTAINMENT, Entertainment ,entertainment…. Obviously every YouTuber who uploads the video wants more and more people to see that video and it’s only possible if it has something that people like! Something entertaining….he thought it was entertaining! 

INPIRATION: obviously this wasn’t the first “kissing strangers” video on YouTube there are many more. Actually the only thing  he was influenced by were those youtubers who make millions by  kissing strangers. How dumb was he..!!! Obviously why would a girl kiss a YouTuber and allow thousands and lakhs of people to see that video. It’s obvious that they get PAID for kissing. 

The real problems gets noticed only if you remove that camera and just imagine if it wasn’t a prank and just a random guy kissed a girl and ran away. Just because so called entertainment was added this was taken casually by some people. But for that girl and with whoever he tried on this so called prank it wasn’t just a prank.

“EK KISS HEI TOH THI YAAR”. The problem isn’t that people make such mistakes the problem is that it is fixed in their mind that girls are a thing of fun. Not a day goes without reading a rape case in newspaper. Just imagine if that guy was taught to respect girls before anything else give her the most important thing respect. The first thing that would come to his mind would be that it is wrong!!!! But the problem is that it wasn’t feeded in his memory card of his brain and thousands of boys like him in India have the same mentality.And you know if this thing of respecting women was fit into his mindset from childhood no matter how much GB porn data he had in his phone, no matter how much influenced he was by hundreds of more YouTubers he wouldn’t kiss a girl without her permission .And today it’s  so called “just kiss” but tommorow tell me what will stop him from becoming a rapist.

IF YOU HAVE NOTICED YouTube iNdia page (popular1)is filled with such videos and people uploading these kinds of videos have millions of people watching them. All bullshit, vulgar videos. There are thousands of popular videos just with terms like masturbation, kissing, porn(or indirectly sex)  on their title and lakhs of people watching them and the YouTubers earn crores and crores by this .You know why?  Because these are the words searched mostly by public… 

What type of thinking not only does the boy has but also all the people seeing that video and thousands of more videos like that have? 

Girls should be treated equally comes second. But first girls should be treated with respect…..

The problem is that we don’t explain boys that it’s wrong from childhood because we think they will understand. As whatever we are we need to make them realise that it’s wrong! We can make thousands if laws like this but will laws work if it doesn’t fit in there brain? 

It might not matter to anyone but does for me… Just replace that girl and put your sister or girlfriend or yourself in that place and think. It wasn’t just a prank but another reflection how youth of India thinks…. Not all of us but “some people” think same as he did and ended up doing something he didn’t knew was a mistake just because this “some people ” everyday I see the newspaper and there is another girl raped. Why?  Because we all think that boys who look right are right and that it’s too early to tell him these things ,no there’s no right time!When we grow up we take all our experiences and beliefs and values and step into a new world. It doesn’t begin now it begins from a child’s thinking who’s adult today….

And what’s in for me in writing this post  ? Being truthful nothing now but maybe now any boy reading this might realise something he wasn’t taught…. To respect any girl. Being honest we think social issues aren’t our issues and just for a moment just replace that girl on newspaper headline of any rape case and think for a moment if that girl was your loved one? 

Whatever we wear, wherever we go a NO means NO.!!!

Loving a girl is a second thing first learn to respect her! 


18 Replies to “The “Youtube kissing Prank””

  1. I agree with ua opinion but our country is filled with assholes they connect whole matter with one thing “clothes” no sense nothing 😤😤😟😟 BTW good written article i support

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  2. This design is steller! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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