A gift every woman deserves and the battle between Feminism and Individualism 

So here it is March 8,”Happy Women’s Day “. I am sure most of you have received and sent loads of women’s day quotes and messages and maybe even wished all the beautiful ladies around you. Well, you might also have some special plans for today, and I know most of the shops have a sale today. Awesome, so thats just one day for women!All the ladies would be treated so called in a ‘nice way’ today. And tomorrow? Okay I know it’s not about most of us but what will you make out of women’s day if you see a rape case headline tomorrow morning on newspaper? 

This women’s day just give a little precious gift to every woman you see, meet, talk or even think about: RESPECT.

It is said that respect is one of the strongest expression of ‘Love’. I m not telling you to love every women you see, meet, talk to or think about, eventually it cannot happen! But this women’s day we aren’t asking for more but just respect.

And if you ask anybody on road do you respect women, they will obviously tell you yes! But sincerely ask yourself do you? Okay if everyone respects women who is responsible for all the harassment cases???

Every 30 minute a woman is raped in India, that makes 2 every hour.And that’s minimum you see. According to TOI 57rape cases are reported every day.

This is not a joke you read and forget. It starts with YOU. And next time you see anything that shouldn’t be happening but is taking place with a woman, immediately interfere. I know you have dignity and respect and its none of your business but still do. And if you are seeing and letting something bad happen you are equally responsible for all the shit happening in the society because you are letting it happen.


Feminism is the belief of social, political and economical equality of both the sexes.It simply means asking for equality. It just means  asking for EQUAlITY. This could also mean that there’s not much difference between feminism and equality. 

And it’s so true that feminism is so often referred to as “man hating”but it’s not man hating.  

But not every woman is a feminist, not every man is a rapist. 

It’s basically asking for the equality? And ask who?Ask men!If you are a feminist how can you ask men for equality? 

How it started is that from so many centuries men had power and they abused it and suppressed women, but now to repay that you can’t give women the power and let them do what they want to against men. Feminism means equality not superiority! 

Instead of teaching  feminism  for equality  why  not  teach INDIVIDUALISM ?

We tell give respect it’s for both genders!

We aren’t living in past, why do we consider women as  so suppressed beings. They need support but they are equal by all means. They are human beings as well, so better not justify treating them as slave or goddesses but just as a human! FEMINISM IS EQUALITY FOR WOMEN AND GENDER EQUALITY IS EQUAlITY FOR BOTH THE SEXES.  
Instead of just telling give respect, I think youth needs to be given the knoweldege  of sexual maturity and responsiblity! We all no how poor is the condition of sex education in India. If they are not taught about it, what will stop them from becoming rapists in future.They aren’t alone the people to be blamed. 

Why not teach sexes boundaries, mutual respect, freedom of expression and love for both the genders…. We aren’t running for something or begging equality. Equality is a mindset.

And all the women reading this, this is not a man’s world and equality starts from you, you are exactly where you think you should be, equality isn’t a battle, it’s a mindset. It starts with  you. 

Respect, love, care, power, believe, relationships and everything is your choice, either you change it, accept it or regret it. The knoweldege and respect could be the ultimate power for an empowered and equal society. 



24 Replies to “ A gift every woman deserves and the battle between Feminism and Individualism ”

    1. Time ni dekhti main likhte waqt, woh flow meh aata hai, i can write 24hrs a day, i just love writing na isliye….💞💞💞💞I m glad that you read and love my thought process? haha, thats such a BIG compliment😇😇😇made my day😇😇💕Love you bhai💕😘

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