The most Beautiful creation of God 

My existence would merely be a question without you,

you are the one who is the owner of my every single breathe,

you are the reason my heart beats,

To my heart

you are the definition of true selflessness ,

you are the very meaning of kindness and beauty. 

To everything I m, all my successes, all my world,  I owe it you

Mom I could never explain how much I truly love you…

I m sorry for all those sleepless nights,

all those depressing days. 

 Mom you are the magical and the most beautiful  creation of god,

you are the one who could tear the sky apart if you see me in pain,

you are that one human whose all sins are forgiven,

no one could ever be as valuable as you are,

and the hardest thing to do is imagine a day without you, 

what you truly mean to me, that you’ll never know, 

I realise how merciful god is when I see you, 

there are no words enough to describe you,

and I m limited to say that I love you,

and mom, you are that beautiful person  I would like to remember till heaven and further….. 




47 Replies to “The most Beautiful creation of God ”

  1. A mother’s love and presence means so much but like you’ve said we can appreciate that just by saying ‘I love you’…..But the truth is that even I love you means a lot.
    Really well quoted too, these quotes from the scriptures have added to the shine of your thoughts.😊

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      1. Haha I guess name can be seen on your screen haha! My name is Shivee. And I m 14 so i think I am getting my education and learning various skills and gaining knowledge and in every way possible .Koi baat nahi you can ask me questions. And whats your name, work, and age?

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