These Days… #Themuch awaitedFunPost 

And so many of you know that I m done with my exams so fun time for a couple of weeks break  and then back to hell… During these days I be like… 

 in the morning I be like…

that happens because I get up late and then finally hear mom or dad banging  the door from past 30 minutes….or I just realise that i didn’t turn on charger last night!!

And I  feel like “waqt nahi kisika hum kehte fir Q ghadi ko bas meh karne ke liye hum ladte rehte”. DID YOU SEE THAT I CAN Do THIS STUFF 24hrs.*#infinite creativity*

Past 2 months I was much disconnected (ah, i m the queen of nerds, and for god sake dont ask me who’s the king?)During my exams I be like… 

And so gossip time, I finally called, emailed, texted back and did patch up with all my friends… 

and gossip time i be like….

And the biggest tension during these days is CALORIEs coz I don’t gym for 8hrs a day… and i be like….

and finally BLOGGING and you know the times when you have written something and you can’t believe that you wrote that….

not only that I m working on excel for like excel is such an important thing to be good at…

 and reading…..

more reading….

and oh I m obssesed with reading I start my day with newspaper and end it with literature and during the day some self help books or encyclopaedia….

and I do diary writing  or sketching ……thats a must!

and gaming….

and finally these days are all about fun with cousins and friends…  

watching tv with them….

and   All Drama with them be like… 

can you forget Shopping?

and much love and fun…

Thanks for reading do share your views! Love yaa😘and do tell me which one was the best!😍


19 thoughts on “These Days… #Themuch awaitedFunPost 

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