The Endless Search…. 

I left everything in search of happiness,

in search of life,

in search of peace,

then I realised the destinations didn’t exist

In the journey I met someone who turned my life upside down,

but as he went he took the dreams ,

the universe, the god I searched in his heart,

I looked for the zilllionth time but didn’t find anyone nor anything anywhere…. 

evenings were dark ,days were same as nights,

I searched the reason to live,

I knew my destinations  didn’t exist,

I knew the path led nowhere,

I looked here, I looked there,

in the deep valleys, in the lonely mountains,

in the busy city of skyscrapers,

in the towns of love and lust,

Then I stopped a moment,

the heart wanted to still escape,

I searched it in wetness of rain,

in the warmth of sun,

in the green grass,

in the endless sky,

I still found it no where,

I stopped, I fell, I wanted to get up but couldn’t,

there with the deep fall, with loads of cuts and burns,

with a little hope as a light I searched the tranquillity, 

the love,

the happiness,

in my heart for the last time,

there I found it,

solution to all my riddles,

answers to all my problems,

the end of dilemma,

the cure of all cuts and burns,

there I found the happiness, the peace 

there I found the god, the universe I searched in somone else’s heart,

there I found all I was ever looking for,

there I found the reason to live, 

there I found it ,nowhere else but in my heart….. 


33 Replies to “The Endless Search…. ”

  1. It happens most of the time…. 😅
    Life’s beautiful when we realise love is an emotion…. We should let it loose and treat it like a butterfly 💖
    With tenderness, take care of it…. Don’t hold it’s wings otherwise you’d let loose it’s colour and beauty at the same time 💖
    Ua poetry is damn beautiful 💖😍😘

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  2. What a lovely post.
    I loved reading it, keep writing dear.
    There are times when we are in search of so many things and then we realise that we didn’t have to go anywhere and stay right where we are; and all the happiness would come to us. It sure is in our heart.

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  3. Days were same as nights..
    Deep valleys..
    Lonely mountains..
    Busy cities..
    Humble towns..
    Damp Rains..
    Warm sun..
    Green grass
    and the endless sky!

    .. I’m amazed! How do you even come up with such beautiful phrases!

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  4. Thank you, I have recently been looking for information approximately this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I have found out till now. However, what about the bottom line? Are you positive in regards to the source?

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