Maybe the sun did always shine this bright, 

maybe  for true fairytales there exist no ends, 

maybe the days were best but my thoughts weren’t

maybe the grass was always this green,

maybe the red was always so beautiful,

maybe the winds always kissed me,

maybe all the vibes just brought love to me,

maybe I always smiled this wide,

or is it just because you were here by my side,

to show me the colours of life so bright,

I would shine through the day,

I dreamt all night,

days &nights were all full of good vibes,

a book I read twice and thrice,

I would fly in the air

and talk to the walls,

here I slip and  you would catch me there,

then why did you leave with scars so deep,

you took that smile, the stars and my sweet sleep,

the nights we exchanged thoughts, words, love,  dreams and muchmore,

whom do I explain this to,

how do I bound those in words,

memories craved in my heart give pain so deep

that it sheds tears of blood just in the memory of love,

eyes full of water but look here I stand with another fake smile,

maybe you still love me or maybe you never did,

hope to see you back, 

though I know you’ll never come,

you shine in my thoughts like the stars in the sky,

all scattered and broken but true beauty beholden by sky,

not just letters and poems  were the little pieces of love,

to name infinity  I  craved your name in sky and stars that I love,

the fragrance of you I wish I could capture in a diamond jar, to remember you in some other way when you are so far,

the roses turned black and thorns don’t hurt,

so did the heart which you did curse,

strangers I see but in face of my love for few seconds I dream and come back to the real world,

how much I miss you the infinity would describe,

and the love never ending you will always find in the sludge of my grave….. 



Home is not just a place,

nor just a shelter or a lavish luxury,

home is sometimes just a feeling,

where you treasure the ideas you believe in,

two, four or six not bricks but people create this feeling,

a place where warmth in the eye breaks the depression,

big bouncy bed, curtains &couches and the cleanest floors, don’t make the best homes,

with love where relationships are nurtured,

where values are treasured,

where tears and laughs are held together,

where good and bad times pass as you travel hand in hand,

home is not the flat you sleep in everynight,

it’s something like love at first sight; 

mesmerising and comforting, a want to be attached forever,

no it’s not the place where you keep regrets & grudges,

you might love someone, or hate a few,

but have you ever met someone who feels like home? 


Hey! I know I haven’t beenposting for a while😅, but surely I m gonna be active nowonwards👍. And that was a really lovely poem,note: The poem above was actually not written by me, it was written by my best friend😍, so please comment down below your thoughts on this &Who makes you feel like home?❤