An Angel with Red Rose… 

The black clouds were on the head, they covered the sun and marked the threat and rain of grief began,

lightning did happen, and the night came to play, the crowd rushed here &there, 

the day I lost my job, and the sky did sigh in grief,

the drops of water hurted me like thorns of hell,

my tears were covered, I was wet in pain &grief,

the shops soon got emptied, doors& windows got closed,

near the station I saw a little girl standing on the road with a red rose,

I saw her smile looking up at sky,

wet she was like me but she giggled lovingly with no worry, 

with curosity and dilemma blended in my head, I asked her where did she live,

she giggled again and said “the place where you have kept your feet, that is the ground on which I eat and sleep,”

I asked again what are you doing here in this heavy rain? 

with excitment she answered, I m seeing the magic in rain, 

What magic was it I asked her again, she replied “the drops changed their colour every now and then,”

I forgot the sorrow when she gifted me a smile,

I questioned that why was she holding a rose in the hand, she answered -I picked it up when a girl dropped it out of furstration and anger in head,

Where will you sleep tonight  I asked,

she answered “beneath the magical stars and the beautiful black sky after the magic show ends by” 

the conversation with this little genius did not last too long,

it rained and with another strike of lightning 

 she bounced and danced and dissappeared  before I knew, 

I felt the joy in the feeling of pain,

I enjoyed the newly explained magical rain,

that angel taught me great things, 

the sun sets, the hope doesn’t,

like the evening of summer,

and warmth of sun in winter,

she taught me not to chase love but be love,

I realised that like the sand in a person’s hand this life shall too pass in notime, smoothly and effortlessly no matter how tightly you hold,

a gift not asked was given to me, a ball of love, goodness dripping from her melted the long siezed heart,I wonder a stranger she was or an angel disguised as a litle girl…. 


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Now that you have read so far I just wanted to say that hey, you look awesome today!😊So smile😀


108 Replies to “An Angel with Red Rose… ”

  1. Yes, very beautifully written ! Thanks for stopping by my page and giving me the opportunity to come by here to see your wonderfully creative writing. 🙂

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    1. Hey Hati! You made my day😘.
      You have no idea how happy I m.
      Thank you so much! Many people read my poems but your comments are so deep as if you understand each and every word and feel. Thank you girl you made my day! Stay blessed, stay awesome!✌🌹

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Here I am lying. On the couch… where thinking abt problems and issues I can’t solve and waiting for iftar as I do fasting… then your reply…seriously love you so much for this❤️🍀 pls keep writing I’ll always support you😘😘😘

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  2. Beautifully written dear. I nominated you for the growing self blogger award and hope it will,send more readers your way. Don’t feel pressured to participate if you don’t want to as I merely just wanted to honor you and your talent. Hugs

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much dear! I feel truly blessed to have you in my WP family! I m feeling really honoured for all the praise and the nomination! Its a big thing for me. Thank you so much dear! Means a lot!💟Hugs and lots of love!😘

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw… Bhai ya😥😭Ab aagai na main I missed you too😘, I actually was not that active.But nowonwards I think I will be active😅😘BTW how are you? Maja ma?😋


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