I won’t tell you to get up…

Somewhere maybe I m still with you,

I know you don’t realize, the words that criticize will disappear,

I know you don’t have arms you can run into and cry out all the pain,

I know you crave for a hug that comforts all the pain ,

I know you close the doors and weep, so loud you scream in your head, it aches in each bit of your flesh,

I know you have been strong for long and pretended to be happy since forever,

and once more like everyone says I won’t tell you to get up quickly again when you fall,

I suggest you to stay there, feel the pain, accept it coz not everything will  always be alright, coz the life needs to get divided into day and night, 

I know long you have fought and again and again you were hurt, your heart was burnt but still you survived, for this reason give some place to  pride,

let tears flow down through those cheeks, whose dimples made me think of world’s sweetest things,

scream when alone, cry it out coz when tears get revealed they’ll laugh with a feel of  excite,

I won’t tell you to smile back and that someday it will be okay, coz honesty I don’t know when is that day,

just stay there fallen until your tears dry and the morning gives you strength to awake and walk again with courage knowing that you’ll fall again,

I know that your  heart was not broken it was burnt, but trust me someday you’ll know the value of the lessons you have learnt,

I know I m not there to hold your hand and pull you up and hug you tight and lie to you that its gonna be alright,

you have no idea what is the power of your smile, but just look into the mirror when your eyes are full of tears and then  show  some courage and smile you’ll know the reason why I tell that your smile can end the wars and convert stone of sadness into happinness like gold,

suffocation in the emptiness of air, loneliness in grief and despair, these are darker shades of life I know you had never seen,

you get up and you fall, and again it repeats and repeats and every time your heart beats its the same rythm of sigh, in the fear what could possibly come next? 

 in this world no matter how much they hate you, somewhere somehow you are wanted and loved and maybe even missed by someone, maybe a little less but always more than none,lets not talk about hope and positivity and strength, because deep inside your heart you know they’ll always remain words until they are felt,

they tell you there is always a hope and there is a hand which will magically come to help, let me tell you something you won’t get up until you really want to,

give yourself sometime maybe because you have forgotten that time was always yours and start again with embracing those imperfect flaws, 

you rule over you, nobody else but you get to decide who are you, the answer of that how are you does not always needs to be fine,

 because in a poem not every  word does rhym, then how would everyday be same?

it would be as boring as repeating the same level of a game,

here’s a little secret to the brave person fallen apart, whose strength and hope are scattered around, who has tangled all those relationships and bounds, whose heart is full of wounds,

I won’t tell you to get up, if you want to you can stay there  but whenvever you make up your mind just remember at the end what matters is you, if you want to you can start it all new, or fix those old mistakes with a little effort or two but just remember all that matters at the end is you! 


136 Replies to “I won’t tell you to get up…”

      1. You’re welcome and oh, yeah I love your blog so you can expect me to subscribe here 😊


  1. This is gold! I love it so much, could relate to it so much.. It’s almost like looking myself in the mirror. Brutally honest. Absolutely love it. Keep up the good work shivee. You’re highly talented! Much love ♡

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    1. You just turned a rough day into a happy day or maybe happy night! Thanks for everything! You made my day girl!😍Thank you so much may god bless you, wishing you a happy good night❤


      1. Haha… Keep smiling always. Trust me, good times of bad. This too shall pass!
        Goodnight shivi, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.. Haha ❤😘

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      1. I’m glad to hear that you are doing well. I’m sorry for the all ups and downs. I’m doing good. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs lately myself, but I’m good. I’m tired.


    1. Thank you! And yes this is my nickname I m a mystery blogger maybe anyway what’s in a name? That which you call rose by any other name would smell as sweet, I think its same with me. But this is who I am at heart❤

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    1. Hahaha! OmG I seriously like honest people! That’s what my friends and family call me so I m habitual , and flirting ummm a lil won’t hurt .all day I meet tones of people and trust me name doesn’t matter but I just hope that you don’t loose the control or else maybe its fine coz almost everyone does😂

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  2. Yeah…even there is fellow blogger named moushmi radhanpara ..I always flirts with her..even today we chatted in twitter,she is keeping condition to chat with me..that condition is ” Don’t flirt” because I flirt her always for fun…she also little flirting is nice..but I do flirting in excessively doses..Though I haven’t seen her..I like to make girls smile or tease in some way or other until they won’t feel uncomfortable…

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    1. Ummm… Basically you can do 4things when someone flirts, 1st flirt back, 2nd ignore or don’t respond, 3rd tell person to stop flirting, 4th change the topic.I think one should be honest if its uncomfortable you tell that’s all, and I never understood what boys or men say verses what they actually mean and how they take hints we never give, anyway lets chill yaa all cool if there’s a problem I’ll tell, I just don’t like complications between two humans, so breathin breath out such a beautiful day!🌸

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      1. It’s not about giving hints..actually I do flirting sitting behind walls of mobile..because if something unusual happened,girls can’t beat me..soo it safe..and I never flirted with even one Girl in my life in real situation…For me it’s just to make friendly conversation..flirting I know..But it’s a teenage disease I have got recently..and it’s spreading my mind..I don’t think I Will stop now..anyways I didn’t see you..soo how can I flirt? But still I will flirt using my imagination and creativity..if it doesn’t impress you I can include in some poetical post atleast…

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      2. 😂😂Oh god seriously you are such an ideal best friend for a girl, I tell you keep this honest attitude it will help you impress people, wait what’s your age?Hey imaginations haha,,😂dude seriously😂😂lets close the topic my mind is full of thoughts I shouldnt be thinking about, ya your last post was awesome alls good if in limit.

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      3. But I don’t have any friends in girls..you are even talking about best friend in girl..imaginations..? What imaginations?? Seriously I am not handsome,and I am scared to tell my age..what if you are elder than me..I can’t flirt you then( though I don’t bother age!!!!!) Hmmm..soo you tell me your age first

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      4. Haha, I m14 you might be knowing, I m the youngest person I have known here now tell me am I elder coz I m curious, age doesn’t bother you anyway😂not imaginations real life best friend, smart girls don’t choose their best friends by looks.

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    1. Yeah, now you know what I m talking about, but in that characters were a lil bit older it is more like that you know many of his other books characters are even younger, his books are like tv in head!

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      1. I know it ..14 year wengie girl..I think after 25 years you may be more matured and even speaks to souls and aliens..because your perception of inner person will increase to damn heights

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      2. It’s called updating iN MODERN WORLD.have you watched movie LUCY…when brain capacity increase..what will you do?? Brain is just a tool…when you really want to speak to souls..you have to remember that you are packed with a body around soul


  3. This is absolutely amazing, and bless you for giving us ‘permission’ to feel how we feel and not how we ‘should’ feel. I address this a lot in my blog. My entire world was turned upside down and it was terrible, and I still feel terrible most days, and I don’t really want to hear ‘give it time’ or ‘smile on the outside and you’ll start to feel it on the inside’, or the countless other ‘pearls of wisdom’ I receive daily. I am just trying to get myself back and some days that is just letting myself cry and be pissed off and hurt. I think that takes just as much courage and strength as trying to smile your way through it…so, thank you.

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    1. True that! Omg! You are so brave! I appreciate your thoughts, this was an amazing feedback, and your words are so similar to what I wrote in one of my post- To a broken person….

      Thank you so much, pleasure having you here and welcome to my blog house! Hope to see you around soon!👍Tc! ❤

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