Home is not just a place,

nor just a shelter or a lavish luxury,

home is sometimes just a feeling,

where you treasure the ideas you believe in,

two, four or six not bricks but people create this feeling,

a place where warmth in the eye breaks the depression,

big bouncy bed, curtains &couches and the cleanest floors, don’t make the best homes,

with love where relationships are nurtured,

where values are treasured,

where tears and laughs are held together,

where good and bad times pass as you travel hand in hand,

home is not the flat you sleep in everynight,

it’s something like love at first sight; 

mesmerising and comforting, a want to be attached forever,

no it’s not the place where you keep regrets & grudges,

you might love someone, or hate a few,

but have you ever met someone who feels like home? 


Hey! I know I haven’t beenposting for a while😅, but surely I m gonna be active nowonwards👍. And that was a really lovely poem,note: The poem above was actually not written by me, it was written by my best friend😍, so please comment down below your thoughts on this &Who makes you feel like home?❤

Fly Free… 

Undesigned dreams I have in millions,

cup of coffee and few books, when did these become the lifeline of this untiring journey,

the calmness on the shore of the ocean, that peace I desire, 

but what does help in this city of traffic and skyscrapers,

when excitment starts vanishing and screams and horns start killing and the   free wind is suffocating but the desire to fly is still awake,

 I realised you grow stupid as you grow old, I realised the true meanings of life in the stories those folks told,

a part of me wants to be heard, yet another part is too tired to speak,

Isn’t  happiness the ultimate gem we all desire and need? 

here one digs,  there one searches, at the end it is found within,

things change and you adjust but when people change it hurts,

the things you run behind, run away, the people you run behind also betray,

complexed life ‘s solutions aren’t explained in books, coz the ones who write those are same as millions of others, 

look within and you’ll find the cure but these fake outer admirations are unending,

you explain they won’t understand, you listen because you wanna talk,

for millions of selfish reasons and trillions of excuses, all of us are travelling in  the busyness buses,

cages of furstration and loneliness need to be broken,

but who shall awake us from the shackles of slumber that are never ending,

little quarrels and the messy routines, somewhere hidden the happiness is in between,

unexplained feelings create a heavy heart, with rivers of tears at night you and me are fallen apart,

hidden is the goodness, kindness is treasured, you hide the true gem which is the ultimate pleasure,

we ain’t that strong neither are we that rude, just bit more burried we get in the world of insanity,

saneness shall be mere a word, coz what drives us is not normal,

all the desires seem to be  the branches of the tree called happiness,

limitless hopes, improvement and growth, in the ocean of life we travel like an undirected boat,

magically if the these desires and thoughts were paused, a will to be free would awake,

there you’ll find the solution of each &every mistake,

the best of you would take arise, the worse in you would blend in air, completness and calmness would have shelter within if only you made peace with the screams within,

you forgive, you forget and do good and expect, a single day would be enough to restart it with a beautiful rise, 

a second chance to your wisely stupid mind,  to be good as you are indepth , to be real as your inbred and an aim to  undirected boat of life,

the day when the golden cages of pain &fear would be broken and you would fly free in the never ending sky in between the clouds of happiness and hopes that would never die …. 

If you are Different…. 

Unconqured were my feelings,

unbroken  was my soul,

to have pitty on my condition, or to hate it with your obssession,

it’s always your part,

to play it right or to tear it apart, 

To be someone, unlike everyone,is hard at times, 

Today you are fallen they will call you weak,

tommorow you will stand they will treat you like a king,

the song of silence they named it cowardness,

the power to debate, they called it the sly’s wit,

thoughts of society, catch your powers,

the number of men create a dilemma,

mediocrity is the puddle they sink in, and with such crab mentality they are here to pull you in,

in contract with the list of impossible they are assigned,look how strong are the invisible cages to which they are bind, 

they fear god, at same time they say god is love,

can you explain how can fear and love be part of one bubble ?

unanswered questions are forever ignored, 

and the ones in search of the answers are named dullard,

and the things they don’t understand, they name it true work of art,

regret and pain is all with what they are left,

busy in finding end of regrets,

in this world if one day you get lost, that will be the day when freedom will be found,

if you think it’s too late and your life is at stake,

try again it’s okay to make mistakes,

choice is yours -in puddle or  out of the pond,

where do you and I  stand in this world of limitless cages and bounds? 

if you name it good it doesn’t become one,if you call it bad it won’t change it’s inbred, 

with different eyes come different perceptions ,

with different experiences come different lessons,

to one those eyes are simply a body part, and to other they seem to be a door to soul,

one complains, another criticizes, and there will be people in favour of your  amiable  traits, 

to judge you is their right but to accept the judgement is not a complusion,

to grab a handful of lessons or fill your self with guilt and emotions, what you take from judgements depends on  your talent or assumptions, 

the path of freedom they call it the lost road,

not all judgements are accurate but a few of them need to be appreciated,

store a little, change a little,

move a little more, learn a little more,

your mistake or their fault, everything gives you a gift of experience,

carry the lessons  in your life ,accept the true perceptions 

,with  a lot of love in your heart, a boldness in your talk, and with lots of confidence in thyself  live what you dream, talk the truth you believe, be what you want to be….. 

Unending Change… 

It ain’t that hard to live here, 

athough people change faces like seasons,

evil and cruelty has it’s own reasons,

changed faces, changed roads,

but haven’t you heard souls don’t change,

they are unending, 

you are just mesmerised by the charm of the body,I have touched the enduring  soul,

destinations are blurred, the roads are lost,

here I stand waiting, is this a punishment or a curse? 

I lack intentions, in need of hope,

the frozen heart waits for spring,

every tear of mine has an atom of my soul. 

The peace of soul or the undying desire,

I worship my deeds, I was an athiest

but that touch felt like the touch of god,

the touch too was lost forever, 

like the dried flower bloomed from a ray of sun, the love played it’s part and soon it vanished,

stuck in a game of revenge I am, with myself or with universe, 

the song of broken and unbroken trust I hear in loop,

being sorry for all the forgotten promises,

look here loneliness is my companion,

the half written song,

the burried secrets,

like an incomplete novel,

I crave for the end, the completeness, 

my story has become a game of cards,

rains of dreams changed with seasons,

regrets and pain  were all flown away,

somethings are designed to be loved after they are lost,

every single thing you take for granted, will surely play it’s part of revenge,

gambles of money never brought happiness,

though gambles of hearts taught inevitable lessons,

here I stay with nothing to loose,with unwillingness to gain, 
all that I understood is that

change may give pain, it’s bad enough to tear every bit of your flesh,

 leaves the body in thirst of blood,evil or angel ,

bad or good, in this world everything seems to be temporary 

but only  change lives forever…..  

Do comment your thoughts on this piece of writing!  And please accept my apologies if I  haven’t been connected to you for a while as this month is a busy deal, will surely catch up ASAP. Thank you so much😇 for all love &support!Much Love❤

My Type Of Love! 

When you give love, 

 to someone whom you don’t even know or to someone you do, it’s so wonderful!

 A piece of your core values, your soul you share ,when you show a little care

 In whichever form it is 

care, respect, 

a little favour,  a lot of love, 

a cute compliment, a warm shakehand, 

or just a lovely smile it gives so much of good vibes,

there’s a lot of stress and everyone seems to be so depressed,

I still advice you to wear a smile and be kind,

be like the rain of happiness in drought, or a bright ray of hope,  

share something that spreads in seconds like a little smile and lots of happiness,

bad and good things happen,

happiness is free so share it with everybody,

that  jobless man who is fallen too many times,

every little child who will sleep hungry tonight,

that orphan girl,

and that injured old man,

everybody needs a helping hand,

I know you too are broken somewhere,

but let me know if  you need a shoulder to cry,I promise I will be there, 

even if it’s been long enough don’t feel guilty,

we might not have blood relation but it’s an unbreakable bond between two humans,

I might know you, I might not,

but don’t you worry I will never let you fall apart,

if you lack some love, let me help you,

don’t you ever say no one loves you, 

I m no super hero, neither a descendant of god,

I m just another human, with a little kind heart,

the more you give, the more you get,

so pass this small piece of love,  with a big cute smile, 

with everyone you know, even with those whom you don’t,

choose whichever form you like a gift, a kiss, a hug or a smile,

or just a lovely poem like mine! 


Hey lovely people!!! How are you doing? I m firstly really sorry for all delayed award posts, I will be doing all of them in a week or two !And that was a little piece of love❤! I got inspiration to write this poem from another really heart touching  post (check it out Here) .

and  also I m really grateful for each and every comment, follow ,like or just a plain read, I feel that is also some form love, so THANK YOU!❤LOVE YOU!

(Another emotion driven post ,please do share your thoughts , I would love to know what you think about this post !❤) 

Much love❤ and a warm hug😇!




Wanna come with me to a Magical Flight? 💕💕💕

Wanna come with me tonight,

to a magical flight?

Shall we take the aladin’s magical carpet,

or borrow tinker bell’s wings tonight? 

may I call a winged unicorn,

I promise we’ll return before morning’s alarm,

Come with me  lets collect some stars,

lets go to moon and adore the earth’s charm,

the seven wonders of world our waiting for us,

aren’t you fed up of towns buz-buz? 

several bookstores we’ll go and collect all books in french, spanish and dutch, 

chocolates we’ll taste in all flavours & colours, 

we’ll take a dip in deep blue sea and join the mermaid party, 

come  I will  show you what you call magic,

Tonight like rare pink diamond let’s light up the world,

lets do everything  they say we can’t,

come with me I will show you a world beyond your dreams,

we’ll make friends with wandering souls,

some glitter we’ll take from several cities of the world,

and capture the fragrance of mesmerising flowers,

we’ll dance in the open wide sky,

and sing a lovely song with the fireflies,

It will be like a dream come true,

everything will be magical but true

The Endless Search…. 

I left everything in search of happiness,

in search of life,

in search of peace,

then I realised the destinations didn’t exist

In the journey I met someone who turned my life upside down,

but as he went he took the dreams ,

the universe, the god I searched in his heart,

I looked for the zilllionth time but didn’t find anyone nor anything anywhere…. 

evenings were dark ,days were same as nights,

I searched the reason to live,

I knew my destinations  didn’t exist,

I knew the path led nowhere,

I looked here, I looked there,

in the deep valleys, in the lonely mountains,

in the busy city of skyscrapers,

in the towns of love and lust,

Then I stopped a moment,

the heart wanted to still escape,

I searched it in wetness of rain,

in the warmth of sun,

in the green grass,

in the endless sky,

I still found it no where,

I stopped, I fell, I wanted to get up but couldn’t,

there with the deep fall, with loads of cuts and burns,

with a little hope as a light I searched the tranquillity, 

the love,

the happiness,

in my heart for the last time,

there I found it,

solution to all my riddles,

answers to all my problems,

the end of dilemma,

the cure of all cuts and burns,

there I found the happiness, the peace 

there I found the god, the universe I searched in somone else’s heart,

there I found all I was ever looking for,

there I found the reason to live, 

there I found it ,nowhere else but in my heart….. 

#Blue Sky Tag #2

This is the second post featuring The Blue Sky Tag.I would like to thank Deepika di, Chaosxd  and  Al Saher  for nominating me😇❄. Forever grateful!

Firstly the much awaited answers😁

💗Questions by Deepika di 👇

What’s your favourite colour? 


How’d you describe yourself in one word? 


What is the most precious thing to you in your life? 

❄Happiness &peace. 

What do you dislike the most about humans?

❄Most of us chase something which has no worth. 

What is the one personality trait you have, that makes you unique? 

❄I m very unpredictable. 

What makes you happy?

 ❄Sharing, helping in any way possible. 

What makes you sad?

❄Nothing usually, I will be happy any way with or without anything but in rather case when my parents are sad. 

Water or land? (in context to living beings) 


Tiger or a Lion?  Whom would you like to have an encounter with to make a story? 


Luxurious but stressful life or a non- luxurious happy life?

❄I would choose non luxurious but happy life and work hard for all luxurious things , being in that life. 

What is the most important thing that you want to have in your life partner? 


💗Questions by Chaosxd👇

Books or movies? 


What’s your favorite tv show at the moment?.. ❄I  watch movies and news, no Tv shows. 

List three things/people who you can’t live without – ❄-water, food and oxygen! 

If you could change anything in this world, what would it be? -❄I would replace money with batter system. 

You’re on a roof with someone you love around midnight. What do you talk about? –❄Moon and stars😍. 

Where do you see yourself  in 10 years? -❄Stronger, wiser, better in every aspect of life and successful. 

Werewolf or Vampire? –❄Vampire💕

How many imaginary friends do you have? Describe at least one’s personality. –❄I mainly have 5 of them, one of them always keeps advicing and is super sweet and lovely. 

Describe some features of your future house. 

❄I always wanted a seafacing big bunglow, with a garden  and swiming pool,  with two floors, huge airy glassy windows  because I love sunlight, with maybe airy rooms, a big hall and a great magnificent outlook. Aha😍

Why did you start blogging? – ❄Just another way to practice writing & getting to know more about various things and also to get feedback. 

Questions by Al saher

  1.  What is your favourite thing to do when you are bored? ❄Write
  2. Where would you love to be if this was your last minute ?  ❄In my grandma’s house. 
  3. Which song do you love to hum? ❄I always by default hum only one song-Lag ja gale. 
  4. Have you ever been scared about something?❄NEVER
  5. Would you change something about yourself? ❄Yes, I think I talk a lot, I think I should speak less. 
  6. What is your favourite genre of music? -Can’t decide. 
  7. Do you think you are a creative person? -Extremely Creative. 
  8. What makes you happy ? -Writing, helping, sharing. 
  9. Can you play any musical instruments? -No😅
  10. Adorable moment? -Looking at the mirror. 😍💕
  11. What is your favourite colour -Pink💕.


As I have stated that this is part 2 so I get a chance to nominate further more people. I nominate: 

    Questions to nominees…

    1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 
    2. Would you rather have fame or power?
    3. Which is your favourite TV show and movie? 
    4. What is the one life saving advice you could give to someone  from your life exprience ?
    5. Give 2 tips to gain more followers?
    6. Describe yourself in a single word. 
    7. Would you rather have power to read 10times faster or to look 10times more charming/beautiful?
    8. Name the book you are currently reading or have lately read.
    9. If given a choice which cartoon character would you be? 
    10. What is one great writing advice you would like to give?
    11. What is one thing you would like to change in your country? 

      Here are the rules:
    • Give 11 questions
    • Tag 11 people
    • Answer the 11 questions given to you

    💗Also checkout #The Blue Sky Tag (part1)

    And as I stated feel free to tag yourself. Do comment your thoughts on my answers😁. ❄💕👍

      Thank you!!

      “Show me your friends & I’ll tell you who you are!”-#RealReads

      Who was the last person you talked to? 

      What do you think about 5 people who are closest to you?

      Do they inspire you or make you feel stressed? 

      Ever wondered why your bestie and you have same type of likes and dislikes? 

       There goes a saying “Show me your friends and I ‘ll tell you your future” ,

       and also “show me your friends & I’ll tell you who you are”. 

      And the most important thing to KNOW and UNDERSTAND: “You are average of the 5 people you spend your most time with”. -Jim Rohn❤.  This is not in your control by default. You WILL be like them whether you want to be or not!  

      Tell me why , when you play a game for 3 to 6 hours at a stretch or when you watch a TV show before sleeping it  comes in your dream?

       It is because the brain stores what is feeded to it! Now it’s same with your friends. 

      As a kid for me making new friends was such a fun thing and so it is even today, making new friends was the coolest thing and the easiest thing you could do to be popular. As we grow up we realise not everyone is worthy of our time, not everyone is  a good company to be with not everyone is actually good.

      Rememeber what your mom said you?Never make friends with “bad” children!True it is. 

      Detox your life! Some people (“blood relatives” )cannot be changed but instead try making friends with people whom you feel inferior to, who inspire you to become better and maybe it might be correct to say that the people who you feel jealous of.

      ❄So what about friends and relatives I already have?  👇👇👇

      Be that friend yourself who inspires, supports and helps others to become a better person. But don’t forget to find yourself more inspiring friends !What type of friend are you?

      What you will be, your thinking style, your success or failure and everything good or bad ,friends are a big part of your life and unconsciously or consciously they make YOU. QUALITY MATTERS, QUANTITY DOESN’T! Choose wisely! 

      “When character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends “-Japanese proverb. 


      I try and share most out of what I read, realise, learn and experience. Do comment and share your thoughts! 

      11 Things I have learned from Blogging-#RealReads

      Here’s the list of 11things I’ve learned from blogging : 

      #1. Don’t fear criticism:”You have to let people see what you wrote. It will never be perfect, but perfect is overrated. Perfect is boring.”-Tina Fey.

      #2.The ZeRO Clutter practice:  There are a lot of useless words in a sentence which should be edited into simpler forms. Sentences should be made as clear and breif as possible so they are easier to read. Well defined  by William Zinsser❤ –“4Basic permises of writing are:clarity, brevity, simplicity and humanity”.

      #3 .You get what you give: You need to give geniune  feedback to other bloggers in order to get geniune feedback. And feedback is important for improvement. 

      #4. There’s more inside you than you think: Until I started writing I never knew that  my thoughts were so deep . Writing let’s you to “think”about something “worth thinking”. 

      #5. Creativity is infinite: The more you write,  more creative you get. Anything is possible in fiction afterall.There’s no limit to craziness in fiction. 

      #6. Never ask who your audience is! : Write for yourself in a way you enjoy reading irrespective of who your audience is and what they might think. Be fearless and write!

      #7. Learn from anything and everything constantly: I m not alone here, there are thousands of bloggers here. The more you read, the better you write. Reading other blogs you get ideas about different styles of writing and collabrating different ideas you could make your own style of writing.  

      #8. WRITING IS HARD:Infinite reasons to this point.I rather say ‘GOOD writing is Hard’.  It is not as easy as everyone who reads thinks it is. It is hard but it is so much fun. “Hard writing makes easy reading. Easy writing makes hard reading”-THE ULTIMATE TRUTH. 

      #9. GOOD writing is the outcome of good thinking and a hell lot of practice : Writing is thinking. To write in a good way you need to think in a good way but that is not enough.Presentation is the key. How well and clearly you present your thoughts will eventually decide how efficaciously you write. 

      #10. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing: There is no wrong or right. It’s just “write”. Writing well is about practice and so I try and be regular, not just blogging there are so many other ways to practice writing regularly.Bad writing is better than no writing. 

      #11. Comparison kills joy: There are bloggers whose following is 100times more than mine or maybe I could directly compare myself to Gina Trapani! That’s not how it works, irrespective of how good a person writes followers are a matter of time moreover.Do not compare yourself it’s more about practice and experience. 


      And that was the list of 11things I learnt from blogging. Do comment what you think about this post and I would love to know what have you learned from blogging!