Aww… Are you in Pain? #RealReads

Are you having a headache?

A stomach ache?

No? Then is it cold or flu?

Then what’s the matter of pain?

Ohhh…. What it’s a heartbreak?!!

Well that was a conversation between me and my 16year old bestie.She was ultimately crying in a 5 minute long conversation which started with “hello” and further she went on weeping and she said she was in intense pain. I m sorry, not to judge my loyalty but seriously ,have you ever seen a 16-year -old crying for a 3week old relationship?(I promise I consoled her at the end) 

3week is a really long time you know for relationships these days,*phew*.Everyone’s in pain and that’s why whenever I feel like to become a doctor I rather become a psychologist and not a cardiologist. (ultimately both fix the heart problems) but psychologists   are responsible for reducing all the  pagalpan in society.(Noble contribution to the already pagal society) .

Truthfully telling singles are the happiest people ever. (Tell me if you are single and you don’t agree).Not to have a debate on this  as I sincerely don’t have experience to talk about relationships and the silliest ,regular 3week break ups I asked her was that relationship even worth crying?

No she just felt “lonely”. (You know when your best friend feels “lonely” you feel like why are you even alive?).

I knew this was the case with most of the 3week break ups. We  “need” someone to be with us or to complete us. The truth is we FEAR loneliness.It’s not that we have loved somebody so much that we can’t live without them in these kind of relationships, it’s just that they are assigned to understand you.  Okay not all of us, exceptions are always there. But truly what do you think causes depression?..Name it but truly it’s loneliness,  don’t you think so? Pain, what an overrated word it is.Seriously is this pain?   

Real talk:

All in all are you not in pain? Everybody is in some form of discomfort,little or intense we all have some form of pain or maybe no pain somedays .Pain is an overrated thing these days.  It’s a thing so temporary like clouds, it just comes and goes but the sun(happiness) is always there.The ultimate truth:  “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”. 

Pain is for the living, only dead don’t feel it. It’s a part of everything you do, everything you are, it is the proof that you are alive. Pain is for good, for CHANGE.

 Having a heartbreak, confusion or some form of “stress”,??? you can always learn from you mistakes, change yourself and all blah, blah, blah but firstly  do not escape from it, deal with it. 

(and do comment about your thoughts on this post, it’s been really long I hadn’t come up with the reads, but hey I finally posted!) 


Your Story & Mine

Stopped in the middle of an ocean,

my eyes crave for a sight of shore,

disconnected even I am like you,

people come and go,

so do the days and nights,

in this beautiful world, so many things to adore, but what is mine? 

so many mistakes but no regrets are found,

my heart is attached to an unkown bound,

greets of love or greets of pain what shall I give my heart?

Did you go to that road,
about which everyone fears to even think about?  

I feel my time has stopped there,

no words can now explain my journey,

some words crave to be spoken, did you hear them?

I m amused by the theory that

the day loves the moon’s charm,

and the night waits for the sun’s alarm…. 

 A beautiful evening, a magical sunset, standing on a wet road, do you feel the silence gifted by the rain? 

a painting which painted thousand words all at once, did you read it? 

many things are not evolved they are created,

think about the true things that need to be appreciated,

what you see might be an illusion, what you hear isn’t real at all times, what you think might not be true,

there’s a mask which hides each one’s orignal face,  scent of the flower began from the stingy mud, 

why judge the liar not the circumstances,

what was the story before the begining,

not everything, not everyone is as you see,

there’s a story inside you, about which you never knew,

even the silence you try and escape, has a song to sing,a secret to tell,a desire to be accompanied,

busy in creating your beautiful story in fictional world that resides in your mind, someday perceive and read someone’s eyes because they too have stories to tell like yours and mine…. 

Dark Night…. 

The cold ,chilly winds that night,

the full charming moon outside,

the fragrance of evil scattered in the air,

the burning goodness in the stars,

the screams of silence wanting to be heard,

the undiscovered mystery of the darkness,

all of it pulled her somewhere,

 a sound of knocking glass, 

 screams so creepy, she heared in the mirror,

the night was ready to wreak vengeance… 

A Traveler’s Heart

About a hundred cities did I travel,

about a thousand people I did meet,

in a mystic way I still hear the song that they sing,

about love and heartbreaks, about evil and the good, about the horror and terror,

about a dozen mountains I have climed,

with beautiful people I have rhymed,

the deep ocean that your eyes had with a shiny pearl so nice and fine,

no love I did’nt see the tempest like that again,

what a mystery it is every morning I still have your fragrance on my clothes, 

it’s been years but I still remember every single word,

let the wealth be of riches 

and fate be of poor,

let the beauty be of the sly,

but the only thing I desire let the memory of love be my,

the fresh air of a thousand cities I had felt,

hundreds of books in nineteen languages I had read, 

still the language your actions spoke was so unknown,

I felt your arms were my only home

 I traveled into white and sandy deserts, and found about a dozen treasures,

but love, none seems to give me some pleasure,

my eyes still seem to have complaints all on your name,

the love again went astray,

to the stories my heart sings I can’t still escape from it

Saying goodbye was a  brave deed I think,

here I smile even while I cry in pain and grief,

for you my love… 

but you sit there up in the sky, smile when I cry, even when the heaven  does  sigh,

oh love so long have I traveled, so far have I come,

now I no long have strength to talk about love,

but a thing I assure, love will never die nor will it betray like you did,

it will stay in heart and even after it is torn apart,

no measure of time seems enough,

 so here I stand ,

looking at the ocean and feeling the storm in heart, 

the love will live even when I die,

 forever and further…… 

#The Blue Sky Tag

Before anything I would like to thank Vaasstewart for the blue sky  tag.
And the people I tag are as follows… 

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    • How do you describe yourself? 

    ❤I m 14-year -old pretty, popular and smart  teenage girl. I have a very outgoing personality, I m a happy go-lucky kinda person, I m very passionate. (And I could write a book on myself but here it’s to name a few) 

    • Are you scared of heights? 

    ❤Huh? Me and scared. NEVER

    • If you could be an animal what animal would you be?

    ❤A winged unicorn. 

    • How old are you? 

    ❤ 14

    • What is your overall goal in life? 

    ❤Make this world a better place to live in. 

    • Would you like to be famous? 


    • What natural disaster are you mostly scared of? 

    ❤I m not scared of anything. I adore A.K and you know I have watched all the seasons of Khatro k khiladi. I m a brave girl.

    • Are you a dog person or a cat person? 

    ❤Dog person. 

    • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 

    ❤Totally an extrovert. 

    • Favorite quote? 

    ❤”Kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit,  that’s called beauty”. 

    My questions for the nominees are as follows…

    1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 
    2. Would you rather have fame or power?
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    9. If given a choice which cartoon character would you be? 
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    11. What is one thing you would like to change in your country? 

      Thank you!!


      Where did the magic fly, how did the happiness dissapear,

      I know they aren’t dead, they exist,

      but everyday I have a question in my heart,

      Where are they all pushing me?

      they show me walls that don’t exist,

      I never knew pain exists,

      the word stress was a mystery,

      they told me that it hurts so bad that you can’t get up again,

      I had never thought living was an act of pain,

      I never knew happiness was a debt,

      that smile was a thing so temporary ,

      Today is not perfect,  neither will be tommorow ,

      so let me be satisfied and happy, who knows tomorrow exists or not. 

      Have all forgotten we aren’t going to heaven with savings?

      life is not a synonym for pain and sufferings,
      they forgot there exists way called ‘ right’

      I m so sick and so are they of the songs that they sing about heartbreak,

      the stories they tell about fears and pain

       , I felt they were so obssesed with pain that they couldnt see the beauty of light,

      they didn’t see that night was the true charm,

      and they go to graveyards with burdens of ages,

      with loads of regret,

      there they realise it was such a beautiful life that they were given,

      but this mistake of forgetting it cannot be forgiven,

      while counting the stones they forgot where does the path lead..

      As I looked in so deep in my heart, about the things that were torn apart,

      I realised who was this ‘they’,

      he had thousand things to say,

      was it some devil or a pretty saint?

      telling me about joys and pains…

      was it society or were they parents ,

      this ‘they’ has thousand faces

      and who is ‘THEY’, well it remains a mystery……. 



      These Days… #Themuch awaitedFunPost 

      And so many of you know that I m done with my exams so fun time for a couple of weeks break  and then back to hell… During these days I be like… 

       in the morning I be like…

      that happens because I get up late and then finally hear mom or dad banging  the door from past 30 minutes….or I just realise that i didn’t turn on charger last night!!

      And I  feel like “waqt nahi kisika hum kehte fir Q ghadi ko bas meh karne ke liye hum ladte rehte”. DID YOU SEE THAT I CAN Do THIS STUFF 24hrs.*#infinite creativity*

      Past 2 months I was much disconnected (ah, i m the queen of nerds, and for god sake dont ask me who’s the king?)During my exams I be like… 

      And so gossip time, I finally called, emailed, texted back and did patch up with all my friends… 

      and gossip time i be like….

      And the biggest tension during these days is CALORIEs coz I don’t gym for 8hrs a day… and i be like….

      and finally BLOGGING and you know the times when you have written something and you can’t believe that you wrote that….

      not only that I m working on excel for like excel is such an important thing to be good at…

       and reading…..

      more reading….

      and oh I m obssesed with reading I start my day with newspaper and end it with literature and during the day some self help books or encyclopaedia….

      and I do diary writing  or sketching ……thats a must!

      and gaming….

      and finally these days are all about fun with cousins and friends…  

      watching tv with them….

      and   All Drama with them be like… 

      can you forget Shopping?

      and much love and fun…

      Thanks for reading do share your views! Love yaa😘and do tell me which one was the best!😍

      The most Beautiful creation of God 

      My existence would merely be a question without you,

      you are the one who is the owner of my every single breathe,

      you are the reason my heart beats,

      To my heart

      you are the definition of true selflessness ,

      you are the very meaning of kindness and beauty. 

      To everything I m, all my successes, all my world,  I owe it you

      Mom I could never explain how much I truly love you…

      I m sorry for all those sleepless nights,

      all those depressing days. 

       Mom you are the magical and the most beautiful  creation of god,

      you are the one who could tear the sky apart if you see me in pain,

      you are that one human whose all sins are forgiven,

      no one could ever be as valuable as you are,

      and the hardest thing to do is imagine a day without you, 

      what you truly mean to me, that you’ll never know, 

      I realise how merciful god is when I see you, 

      there are no words enough to describe you,

      and I m limited to say that I love you,

      and mom, you are that beautiful person  I would like to remember till heaven and further….. 




      The thunder and the storm, stop them for a moment

      there’s a beauty in stillness,

      a music in silence,

      a magic in air,

      for him, who has the power

      to stop in the storm of crowd,

      to forget and forgive the sins of a devil,

      for him who has a heart who loves,

      for a soul which is undisturbed,

      for a mind  where peace resides,

      there’s a beauty in everything, every person you see,

      a grace within you which no one can steal,

      a magic within you which keeps you alive,

      a charm within you which no one else was given,

      the beauty lies in every bit of imperfection, 

      for how beautiful something is,depends only on how beautifully you see it….